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June 2023

Check out Muhammad Shahid and his youtube channel vs. Qadiani-Ahmadi’s

Check out Muhammad Shahid and his new youtube channel vs. the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. He is also on tik tok and doing some amazing work.

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The conduct of Mirza Tahir Ahmad when he was alone with Lajna Imaillah in the absence of their men

Nuzhat Haneef writes on pages 32 and 33 about this behaviour:

“”The fourth Ahmadee khaleefah, however, used to freely engage in light-hearted social interaction with Ahmadee women, including casual looks and smiles and even comments about the physical appearance of some of the women, e.g., telling a woman that she still looks very young. I can comment upon this because this used to happen in open public forums such as when he met with a group of Ahmadee women; most of the women did not observe any strict veiling in his presence. The vast majority of these women, needless to say, were outside the prohibited degrees for him.””

Here is the link to read the whole passage. It starts at the bottom of page 32 and continues on page 33: The Not-Very-Islaamic Nature of the Khaleefah’s Behavior

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Qadiani-Ahmadi’s compare Khalifa Zani’s philosophy of enforcing his religion with force of the Taliban

Kashif Chaudhary is the son of a Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi and seems to use this leverage against the jamaat every chance he can get. He famously opposed homeopathic medicine, which caused a stir in Qadiani-Ahmadi circles.

Kashif is now challenging the level of compulsion-tactics that the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s Khalifa’s have been employing and even compared it with the Taliban. Interestingly, back in 2006, I asked my local Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi (Irshad Malhi) the same question and he gave the same answer as any Qadiani Maulvi, once you join #Ahmadiyya, you must comply! 

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The BBC openly supports Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, lies about Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi’s

The BBC has proved that it hates Muslims and supports the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, they also tweeted it. Muslims in the UK immediately responded. Robert Spencer even responded.

However, the truth is that Sabah Ahmadi married his Christian-White girlfriend and was allowed to be an imam (without formal training, 7 years at Jamia). He regularly spends Christmas with his in-laws and his children are emersed in a christian-qadiani environment. He is regularly being used by the Ahmadiyya Movement as a marketing tool, he dresses extravagently, poses in photo’s with women, and seems to be otherwise unemployed. You can see his website herein. He is married to Melissa Ahmedi, who appears to be much older than Sabah, most likely 10+ years older.

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Razi gets scared when he see’s Shams-ud-Din show up, he runs from an honest conversation

Our brother Shams ud Din RB recently streamed about the Qadiani-Ahmadi mullah Razi Ullah Nomani and he tucked tail and ran from an honest conversation about #Qadianism with someone that Razi thought was a potential convert to #Qadianism. Razi got so mad and had so much anxiety that he immediately accused Shams ud Din of adultery and did Takfir on him (by calling him a murtad). Furthermore, he accused Shams ud Din of blasphemy which is another one of his common behaviors. An interesting fact, Razi admitted to being born in Germany (his family was an asylum case to Germany and then to Canada).

Razi Ullah Noman (@studentofahmad on twitter) was born in Germany, his parents were an asylum case from Pakistan in the 1990’s. Razi was born with a mental problem which causes his speech pattern to be robotic and lacking emotion. Thus, his family feels as-if they owe their lives to the Mirza family. Razi grew up in the famous Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace Building. We have a found a Mulaqat video from 2013 wherein Razi kisses the Khalifa’s hand (See at the 1:08:30 mark). Razi was about 17-18 years old and asked the Khalifa for career advice. He asked Mirza Masroor Ahmad if he should major in criminology or business (watch my tiktok herein). The Khalifa said that they were both good and he should choose himself (watch my on instagram too). After graduating highschool, Razi tried his hand at York University and failed all of his classes. This was 2014, after failing miserably, Razi became the perfect candidate for Jamia-Ahmadiyya in Canada. He began making his website (ahmadi answers) and began applying for Jamia via the Jamaat. By 2015, he had been accepted into Jamia and began classes. While in Jamia, he got help from MTA personnel and with the approval of the Khalifa, he began trolling Muslims all around the world with his youtube channel. He continues to play games and tell the world that this isn’t an official channel, however, this is a lie.

In the past, Razi ullah Noman called Yemenite Front as a dirty-arab, Jari Qudrat with Right at Home Realty is the brother of #Ahmadianswers aka Razi Ullah Noman, Razi Noman, an ahmadi mullah got rinsed by Farid, Razi lied to Sheikh Baajour Epic Masjid (Yasir Qadhi Mosque), Razi is afraid of #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog and thus makes false allegations and Razi, an employee of the Ahmadiyya Movement calls Eddie with @TheDeenshow a Kafir.

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Craig Considine isn’t even accepted as a Catholic by Catholics

Craig Considine has tried to meet the pope, he was refused, he also revealed how Catholics don’t even consider him as a Catholic. So why is he supporting the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s? It seems like he is doing it for fame and book sales, since his career is going no where and he is drowning in college debt.

In this video, Craig Considine admits that he doesn’t believe that Muhammad (Saw) is the final prophet (1:56:17). He also see’s Bob Marley and 2pac as prophets. He discussed the Qadiani’s at 2:01:33. They also mention the Qadiani’s at 2:07:38.

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On tik tok, there is an army of Qadiani-Asylum cases living in Germany

I (ahmadiyyafactcheckblog12) have bumped into quite a few Qadiani-Ahmadi asylum seekers on tiktok conducting live streams and trying to stir up trouble. This is why proselytizing is always dangerous and leads to communal strife. Nevertheless, a guy named @Masroor1973 is the main Qadiani-Ahmadi who attacks people and refuses to have any level of intelligent conversations. Another one is @pakpakl5693. @nadir_0522 is another. All of these guys are asylum cases and have extreme loyalty to the Mirza family for getting them out of Pakistan.

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How old was Noah (as) per Mirza Ghulam Ahmad?

In Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 (see page 140, online english edition), MGA said to the effect that Noah (as) lived for 1000 years (MGA said that the people of Noah {as} had a 1000 years of respite). See also the ROR of Aug-1946, which quotes the first edition of Malfuzat wherein MGA says that the life of Muhammad (Saw) was very short as compared to Noah (as).

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Who is Ataul Mujeeb Rashid (1943–? A Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi

Ataul Mujeeb Rashid is a Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi who has been working as the Missionary-in-charge of Britain, and the Imam of the Fazl Mosque in London since 1983 and sub-ordinate Ameer. He is the son of Maulana Abul Ata Jalandhari famously known in the Ahmadiyya Community as Khalid-e-Ahmadiyyat. Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid is a grandson of Mian Imam-u-deen Sahib who accepted MGA in 1902. Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid was born in the village of Qadian on the 27th of August 1943. He is a 2nd generation Maulvi (employee) serving the Mirza family.

In 1984 he was able to receive and welcome the 4th Khalifa (Mirza Tahir Ahmad), as subordinate Ameer of the UK, after which he was able to serve under the special instruction of Hudhoor for 19 years (until the 4th Khalifa died). He was given the opportunity to sit in with 4th Khalifa (Mirza Tahir Ahmad), in many question and answer sessions, especially Liqa Ma’a Al-Arab. He furthermore began many Peace Conferences in many different areas where he would also stay behind and do ground work. He is a director at many Ahmadi owned companied in the UK, MUSLIM TELEVISION AHMADIYYA LIMITED (03123502) and was a director at some other companies.

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