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January 2017

Ahmadis release their talking points on Trump’s Muslim BAN


Ahmadis are heavily involved in politics, since at least 1889.  They normally send out memo’s to their Mullahs, since in Ahmadiyya, management of Mullahs is centralized from London.  They recently sent out a memo in terms of the Panama Leaks and the mention of Ahmadis therein, the official line has been to admit that Ahmadiyya leadership stored money in Panama, however, to argue that it was necessary since the Pakistani govt. is corrupt and may seize the assets of the Mirza family at any time.  However, as we all know, this is a half-truth, the money that Ahmadiyya collects, since at least 1984-85, has been stored in banks in the UK, not Pakistan.

Trump’s Muslim ban and Ahmadiyya
The Muslim ban didn’t cover Pakistan, and since Ahmadis have held refugee status with the United Nations since at least 1984, it doesn’t effect Ahmadis at all.  Further, since Ahmadis are not even considered Muslim in the countries that were banned, the ban totally doesn’t even effect them.  Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya leadership loves any and all press.  Moreover, while Ahmadis keep pussyfooting around, a legit organization in the USA, CAIR, has began the legal process vs. Trump.  We all know Ahmadis will never sue any government as such.

The Scan
The talking points

President Trump has issued an executive order preventing refugees from certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Furthermore, some Green Card holders from said countries have also been detained.


Talking Points

1. As Ahmadi Muslims, we recognize the importance of keeping our immigration process secure through the use of practical rules and regulations.

2. However, only by keeping true to the American ideals of inclusion and diversity can we overcome the hatred and fear caused by both terrorism abroad and domestic bigotry.

3. As Muslims, it has been humbling to see the American spirit of acceptance and inclusiveness expressed by Americans of all backgrounds as they have actively spoken in support of Muslims.

4. It is our belief that bigotry is deeply rooted in misinformation and misinterpretation. Thus the best way to quash it is through education. In that vein, Ahmadi Muslims across the US are arranging 2 events to educate the American public about Islam. The Meet a Muslim campaign and the Coffee, Cake, and Islam initiative both seek to mitigate fear, hatred, and misinformation through education.

***Please refrain however from directly criticizing the executive order while officially representing Islam or Ahmadiyyat. We are not allowed to do that.  In other words, you can speak of principles but refrain from politics.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s Friday sermon after the train attacks

In the below, we have posted the Friday Sermon of Mirza Nasir Ahmad after the Rabwah train attacks of May-29-1974.
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100 Students of Nishtar Medical College Attacked by Qadiyani Dogs in Rabwah


Chitan – a firebrand Urdu journal run by veteran Ahrari leader Agha Shorish Kashmiri – printed this story. The religio-political parties and anti-Ahmadi groups projected this incident as an instance of growing Ahmadi power in the country. These diverse groups banded together to form Majlis-i-Amal (Council for Action), with Maulana Yousaf Banori as its president.  (see Usman, page 176).

Also see    Chitan (Lahore) 27, 22 (3 June 1974): 5.
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Justice Samdani confessed that Ahmadis planned the Rabwah attacks!!


The Samdani commission report was never read out to anyone.  It was presented during the NA, however, it was never opened or discussed, most likely because of a lack of time.  The Samdani commission report has remained secret, even after the 1974 NA hearings were made public.

Justice Samdani commented much later in 
“What I concluded was that, look, there are good and bad people in every society. There are rogues among the Ahmadis as well. So, because on their way the students of Nishtar Medical College had made insults, this was organized to avenge that insult. So a few rogues took revenge. It did not involve Jamaʻat Ahmadiyyah or the leader of Jamaʻat Ahmadiyyah. This was made clear [in the report].”41 “””

(See  “Ahmad, Silsila Ahmadiyyah”, vol. 3, 468.) And “The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan”, by Ali Usman Qasmi (2015), page 176-177.)  Free download here too.  The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan

Samdani gave us what evidence he was able to reveal, obviously, its a half-truth, Samdani wasnt able to connect the Khalifa with the attack, nor could he connect any Jamaat official with it.  He was forced to conclude that “rogue-ahmadis” carried out a well planned attack, and seemingly against the Khalifa’s outward orders of standing down.

Samdani admitted that Ahmadis planned an attack
At a minimum, Samdani refuted all Ahmadi sources, which claimed that this was a conspiracy, and Ahmadis didn’t attack any train.  Zafrullah Khan totally lied about the entire incident, which proves everything about his character.  He was a liar, a grand-liar, much like ALL Ahmadis, he was willing to lie about Ahmadiyya to any official.

Where was the Khalifa and Mirza Tahir Ahmad??

Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya (MKA) was the police force of Rabwah from 1948 to 1974
I was a member of MKA for a long time, 20 years to be exact.  I never wore the monkey suit or volunteered for Ahmadiyya, since I knew it was a fake.  Nonetheless, Rabwah was a private town for over 25 years.  MKA was the police force.  Where were they on the day of the attack???  What is their alibi???

Where was Masroor Ahmad??
The current Ahmadi khalifa was in Rabwah at the time.  He was roughly 24 years old.  He may have been in Faisalabad, wherien he claims to have went to college, nonetheless, he must have full information on the entire attack.  Why is he silent?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad never punished any Ahmadi for the attack
An additional proof that Ahmadiyya leadership was involved is that the Ahmadi-Khalifa, he never punished any Ahmadi for their actions. That is very odd, since we know 500 Ahmadis participated.  Why werent any Ahmadi punished??  Why was it all swept under the rug??

Ahmadiyya leadership used black ops to plan this attack.  They wanted to get declared Non-Muslim, Rabwah was filling up with people….the new generation was 20-25 years old and there were no jobs in Rabwah.  They were most likely green-lighted by MKA and 500 Ahmadis showed up to the train station and beat the daylights out of some young students..

I also accuse Ahmadis of using black ops to organize the 2010 attack in Lahore.

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s hate speech vs. Lahori-Ahmadis

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was taking Chlorodyne (a cure for cholera) just before his death

MGA was taking Chlorodyne just a few hours before his death. Chlorodyne was the main medicine in the world to cure #cholera. MGA and his doctors knew that he had cholera.
A few hours later, Dr. Mirza Yacub Beg reports that MGA was forced to sit on a chokee (shitter). MGA was given an injection directly into his heart as he about to die. MGA most likely died at 3-4am on May 26th, 1908, on Brandereth Road in Lahore. Molvi Abdur Rehman was there with MGA on brandereth road when MGA died.

In this scenario, MGA must have been suffering from the effects of Cholera even a few days before he died. In fact, the entire reason why he was in Lahore is dubious. It seems that he was there for medical treatment, and was taking many medicines which contained high amounts of opium. He could not have written any books in this condition, nor were any of his salaat accepted.
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Mirza Tahir Ahmad taught Ahmadis to hate!!!!

I had an Ahmadi tell me that Mullahs from Pakistan are always conducting hate-speech vs. Ahmadis and its wrong and etc etc etc.  However, this Ahmadi seems to have never noticed that in every Ahmadi marketing opportunity, Ahmadis are anti-Islam.  In fact, this is the reason why Ordinance XX was passed, to stop Ahmadis from hate-speech vs. the Muslims of Pakistan.

Nonetheless, in this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad fabricated a dream of his wherein he is hitting a dog with a shoe, he later says that this dog was Tahir Al-Qadri.  This is the height of hate-speech.

The video

In Ahmadiyya, Islam= the revelations of MGA+the Quran

The Sunni-version of Islam is as follows, Hadith+Sunnah+the Quran=Islam. It is common sense that the Quran without the hadith/sunnah is incomplete. The Quranist has faded away into the annals of islamic thought by 1800. However, Sir Syed revived this theory of Islam in the 1870’s. Some of his admirers were Noorudin, Abdul Kareem, MGA and Mufti Sadiq. Sir Syed had even wrote that Esa (as) was never returning (1882) and he denied all concepts of the Mahdi.
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The slow agonizing death of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (1965)

After roughly 1957, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad never came out in public ever again. He made his eldest son in-charge (Mirza Nasir Ahmad) and he went totally crazy behind the scenes. He died on November 7, 1965, however, just 2 months before his death, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s published “Truth Triumphs” on September 1st, 1965, wherein they attacked the illnesses of the Khalifa.

As Muslims, we don’t celebrate the death of anyone as such. However, in the case of Ahmadiyya, we are forced to point out how agonizing of a death some prominent Ahmadi’s faced, since Ahmadi’s made it a point to do the same with us and our scholars/elders.
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