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October 2018

“The rupture between the Muhammadiyah and the Ahmadiyya” by Herman Beck

We have found an important research summary on Ahmadiyya in Indonesia, it’s by
Herman beck, who took his PhD degree at Leiden University and is currently Professor of the
Phenomenology and History of Religion Faculty of Theology, Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

In this research study, beck points out how Muslims have different attitudes between Lahori-Ahmadi’s and Qadiani-Ahmadi’s.  The Muslims of Indonesia have a tolerant attitude towards the Lahori-Ahmadi’s, as do most Muslims around the world, however, with the Qadiani’s, everyone is hostile.  Beck tells us how on Friday, 1 February 1929, of the 18th Congress of the Muhammadiyah. On this day the Muhammadiyah’s Majlis Tarjih issued a pronouncement condemning the Ahmadiyya, which meant a definitive rupture between the two organizations (Programma Moehammadijah 1929:23).

The book
The rupture between the Muhammadiyah and the Ahmadiyya by Herman Beck

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Dr. Griswold, “The Ahmadiya Movement” (1912) from the Muslim World Magazine

Dr. Griswold wrote extensively about Ahmadiyya, his work was the first ever academic review.
It was published in 1902, from Ludhiana, Punjab, British-India. The English edition of the Review of Religions of 1905, mentioned Dr. Griswold’s book and even appreciated it. Read our full entry on Dr. Griswold here.
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Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad asserted that there were 40 million new converts to Ahmadiyya in 2000

This is a reference in terms of the Ahmadiyya ballyhooing of their conversions in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. This is a transcript of a speech by a grandson of MGA, Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad.  He died a year later in the summer of 2002. See The Moslem Sunrise, 2001. See page 11-12, he claims that there were 40 million new Ahmadi’s. You can watch the live video of him claiming 40 million converts herein (see at the 28:17 mark).
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Ahmadiyya colluded with the World Bank (1980)


Ahmadiyya aka the Mirza family has been colluding with colonial nations since 1857. They were one of a very few batch of Muslims in India who willfully colluded with the British. In terms of the World Bank, colonial forces purposely hired a grandson of MGA to work there in Washington D.C. back in the early 1970’s. Muhammad Zafrullah Khan was also working at the United Nations in this era, thus, Ahmadiyya was getting full support from the USA and the UK, and were thus allowed to spread into more and more countries. Later on, in 2016, it was learned that MM Ahmad stored money in accounts overseas in Panama. In the above picture, the 3rd Ahmadiyya Caliph of the Community Mirza Nasir Ahmad in Washington D.C., during his 1980 tour of , meeting World Bank officer Manfred B. Bentgon, at a reception held in His Holiness’ honor. Who is Manfred Bentgon?  We have no idea as of yet.

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells us whether or not Ahmadi Men need their 1st wife’s permission to pursue additional Wives

Back in February 22nd, 1985, Mirza Tahir Ahmad did a Q&A session in London wherein he answered a controversial topic.  What is really ironic is that Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s (MTA) father was married 7 times.  MTA’s father always kept 4 wives after 1928 or so.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his sisters were raised by his aunties and extended family, and must have suffered through cases of favoritism.

Did Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad execute justice?
We all know how the Khalifa neglected his wives and children.  In fact, he barely played any games with his children or even had food with them.  His busy life and schedule were the cause.  So where was the justice?  In fact, many of his young wives died mysteriously, including the mother of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who died while he was still a teenager.

In 1992, MTA changed his attitude on this topic
In 1992, MTA and his team wrote a book called “Islam’s Response to Contemporary issues“.  In this book, on pages 97-98, MTA writes:

“””To return to polygamy, it is evident from a study of the Holy Quran that a special situation of a post-war period is being discussed.  It is a time when a society is left with a large number of orphans and young widows, and the balance of male and female population is severely disturbed. A similar situation prevailed in Germany after the Second World War. Islam not being the predominant religion of Germany, Germany was left with no solution for the problem. The
strictly monogamous teaching of Christianity could offer no relief. As such, the people of Germany had to suffer the consequence of these imbalances. There were a large number of virgins, dejected spinsters and young widows for whom it was impossible to get married.
Germany was not the only country in the vast continent of Europe to experience such social problems of extremely dangerous and gigantic proportions. It was too great a challenge for the post-war Western society to stem the tide and check the growth of moral degradation and promiscuity, which so naturally and exuberantly thrived on the prevailing imbalances.

As can be plainly seen by every unbiased person, the only answer to all such problematic disturbances is to permit men to marry more than once. This is not proposed as a solution to satiate their sensual desires but to meet the genuine requirements of a large number of women. If this very logical and realistic solution is rejected, the only alternative left for society is to rapidly degenerate into a growingly corrupt and permissive society.

Alas! That seems to have been the option taken by the West. When you re-examine more realistically and unemotionally the two attitudes, you cannot fail to notice that it is not a question of equality between men and women but it is simply a choice between
responsibility and irresponsibility.

Islam only permits marriage more than once with the proviso that men accept the challenge of such difficult and specific situations with””””

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Click to access IslamsResponseToContemporaryIssues.pdf

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Some important facts to know about the official 5-volume Commentary of the Quran by Ahmadiyya INC

Just like his father (MGA), Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad never wrote anything. Malik Ghulam Farid (1897–1977), was a notable Ahmadiyya scholar who helped him and was part of team of ghost-writers. He was deputed the task of preparing various commentaries on the Quran, in urdu and english. His urdu commentaries was ascribed to the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and appeared with only nine chapters along with an introduction in 1947, the Khalifa signed off on the introduction on 2-28-1947, thus it was published in late February from Qadian, British-India. An english commentary also appeared in 1947.

The introduction of these commentaries are now a book called, “Introduction to the study of the Holy Quran”. This was the first instance of the Ahmadiyya movement (Lahori or Qadiani) arguing that there were humans on Earth before Adam (as) of the Quran arrived and were Jinn. Ahmadiyya sources claim that “Tafseer-e-Kabeer” was split into two parts. The first volume of “Tafseer-e-Kabeer”, which was nine chapters along with an introduction appeared in February of 1947 and from Qadian, British-India. Volume 1 part I, containing the introduction & the first two chapters (now Vol. 1), was reprinted in 1964, and volume 1 part II, dealing with the next seven chapters (now Vol. 2) was reprinted in 1965 in Pakistan. These Tafseer’s were most likely written by the paid Mullahs who worked directly for the Khalifa. The Khalifa didn’t have a full commentary written on the Quran, only about half, per the introduction of the 1988 edition of the 5 volume commentary by Malik Ghulam Farid (died in 1977), Mirza Basheer ud Din’s “Tafsir-e-Kabir” only covered Chapters 1, 2, 10-29 and 78–114, he missed Chapters 3-9 and 30-77, he missed 53 chapters and purposely, since most of the controversial verses about Jesus and prophethood were contained therein, as well as the famous verse of Ismuhu Ahmad and the famous verse of Chapter 62:3 that #ahmadis quotes as they claim that MGA was the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah).

The first edition of “Tafseer-e-Sagheer” was printed in Dec 1957. The final volume was published in 1979. Ahmadiyya sources claim that the first ever 5-volume english commentary was published in 1962 and an abridged version showed up in 1969, however, these are missing from the records.

In 1988, a new 5-volume commentary of the Holy Quran was published with Malik Ghulam Farid‘s name on it. He had died in 1977, thus, this was dubious. Nevertheless, this became the official commentary that all Ahmadi’s in the west read. In 2018, another 5-volume commentary was published and can be found on  Continue reading “Some important facts to know about the official 5-volume Commentary of the Quran by Ahmadiyya INC”

“Haqiqatul-Wahi” (1907) in english as “The Philosophy of Divine Revelation” is in english for the first time ever

Dear readers, for the time ever, the Ahmadiyya movement has fully translated MGA’s most voluminous book into english. We are currently reading it and preparing an academic styled review. We are sure that the Ahmadiyya editing team has already went through this book and purposely mis-translated the controversial portions of this book. The book should be called “Reality of Revelations”, however, Ahmadiyya editors are being told what to write and how. We have also posted the original 1907 edition of “Haqiqatul-Wahi” and the 1970 edition.

We found an error between Muhammad Ali’s translation (See “Prophethood in Islam” [1915]) and the new one. Enjoy! #majazi. The ROR of Nov-1916 has about 3 paragraphs of “Haqiqatul-Wahi”, translated into english by Fateh Muhammad Sial. The ROR of Feb-1942 has some excerpts quoted.
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The first time a Qadiani-Ahmadi murdered a Muslim for criticizing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1930)

Nowadays, on social media and other places, you will see Ahmadi’s claiming that they are peace-loving and etc, however, this is totally bogus, Ahmadi’s are just as backwards and violent as the average Punjabi-person from the indian subcontinent.  This story is archived in the Qadiani-Ahmadi source: Tareekh ahmadiyyat vol 5 page 185 and 186. A few years later, Fakhr ud Din Multani was fatally attacked while in Qadian, just a few hours after the Khalifa’s friday sermon, he died a few days later in the hospital. Ahmadiyya sources have totally ignored these instances, which proves their deception.
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The Ahmadiyya violation on 78:33, the description of women in the Islamic heaven

Ahmadiyya leaders have been caught red-handed purposely mis-translating verses of the Quran out of embarrassment. In the specific case of 78:33, or 78:34 in the Ahmadiyya Quran’s. We have found a serious mis-translation which proves the entire deception program of the Mirza family.  We still haven’t found MGA’s comments on these verses. However, we did find an ROR article from 1906, wherein it seems that Muhammad Ali wrote contrary to his own famous quranic commentary of 1917. This essay will chronologically prove how Ahmadiyya has purposely lied in this matter and many others. Furthermore, all dictionaries/lexicons (Like Lane’s lexicon) on the Arabic language have always translated “Kawa`ib Atrab” as maidens with FULLY grown breasts as well as beautiful eyes and all very young and non-aging.
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