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April 2021

Ibn Abbas supported the substitution theory

The majority of Muslims in the past 1400 years believed in the substitution theory. They argued that per 4:157, Eisa (As) was never on the cross (wa ma salaboo). This is well known. This was the main explanation for the Sunni and Shia ulema for 1400 years. Even Ibn Abbas believed that Eisa (as) was never hung on the cross. The testimony of Ibn Abbas written in Tabari, Ibn Kathir and Suyuti. In the below, we have posted the scans. Ironically, Ahmadi’s quote Ibn Abbas in terms of the death of Eisa (as) in the latter days, however, they go silent on his other views.
Shah Wali-ullah also supported and endorsed the substitution theory. Ibn Hazm also supported and endorsed the substitution theory.
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The history of #Ahmadiyya in #Brazil

There are barely any Ahmadi’s in Brazil. We estimate barely 3-10 Ahmadi’s in the entire country. The Ahmadiyya movement bought a mission in 1989 and converted it into a mosque by 2017. However, there have been little to no converts. In fact, there were a few missionaries working in the country in 2008, by 2021, only one missionary is working. None of these missionaries seem to have been proficient in portuguese.
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The Sikh National College at Qadian is the old Talim ul Islam Ahmadiyya school

The old Talim-ul Islam (T.I.) College at Qadian has been used by the Sikhs of Qadian since 1947 as the Sikh National College. Filming has begun on “Kali Jotta”, an upcoming Punjabi film featuring @neerubajwa, @SufiSartaaj and @GabbiWamiqa as lead characters. The movie is currently being filmed at Sikh National College in Qadian.
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Mirza Tahir Ahmad claimed to have cured cancer in a Cow horn, he also claimed that the world was turning towards homeopathy medicines

As you all know by now, a twitter was started this week which led to a prominent Qadiani-Ahmadi getting called a Kafir by many Ahmadi’s via twitter. All of these people overlooked the claims of Mirza Tahir Ahmad (MTA) in terms of homeopathy, MTA claimed that he had cured cancer in a cow’s ear, he also claimed that homeopathy was on the rise on a global scale and was potentially a new system of medicine. However, science has proven that these homeopathic pills are nothing more than sugar and alcohol. Thus, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa’s have been proven to be liars and have sold false dreams to innocent Ahmadi’s for many years.

Homeopathy is so deeply institutionalised in Ahmadiyya Jama’at that no one bats an eye when subjective fundraising claims r made hailing it to be a better treatment than allopathic, cure for cancer, brain tumor etc. However a little skepticism doesn’t go without retaliation. Homeopathy prescriptions come from his Holiness who also prescribes sophisticated doses of Split Chickpeas (Dal Chana) for hight growth & claims this remedy really works!
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The Great Ahmadiyya Homeopathy Fallout–@KashifMD, #Ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyat #ahmadiyyfactcheckblog

Recently, a prominent Ahmadi doctor (@KashifMD) (a proper, medical doctor, not homeopathy quack), sparked off a twitter war with his tweet about homeopathy not having any evidence to suggest its more than a placebo. Click here for a gallery of screenshots to see just how crazy it got.

Whenever ex Ahmadis bring up the absurdity of homeopathy, we are labelled as “obsessed” with homeopathy and that its okay to not believe in it as an Ahmadi – “it has nothing to do with Jamaat”. Well this was very quickly proved wrong, as you can see in this collection of screenshots from the recent Twitter war. According to some Ahmadis on the side of homeopathy, disbelief in homeopathy is “quasi-kufr” or questioning of Khalifa himself. This isn’t just kneejerk twitter trolling: its a clear position within Ahmadi theology. The rest of this post is a comment I made a few months back.

I absolutely appreciate individual Ahmadis who have a liberal (read: scientific) approach to homoeopathy. This is a sane and reasoned approach to negotiating the issue of homeopathy, as an Ahmadi, in light of decades of research showing it to be nothing more than sugar pills (aka placebo).

But, if we look at what actual, official Jamaat source AskAMurabbi says, you must believe in homoeopathy fully. Some points:

  1. You cannot simply believe that it is a placebo, as that would deny the medicinal value of it, as preached by KMIV and KMV.

  2. God would not let his Khulafa institute homoeopathy as a Jamaat institution and allow them to continue in error and cost Jamaat money.

  3. Rejection of homeopathy is a rejection of a Jamaat institution and so it affects your belief in Jamaat and Khilafat.

“For an Ahmadi, the outright denial of homeopathy invariably affects aspects of our belief in Khilafat, because the Khalifah made homeopathy a part of the organization of the Jama‘at of Allah.”

I feel sorry for all Ahmadis who try to reason through this problem, but sadly you can’t. If you are an Ahmadi, you HAVE to believe in homeopathy. Not just that it works through placebo, or because of the blessings of Khilafat: you have to believe that it has the full medicinal benefits touted by the Khalifa.
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In 1956, in Pakistan, the #Ahmadiyya movement supported the idea that minorities in Pakistan shouldn’t be allowed to be President

#Ahmadis pretend like they support the cause of minorities worldwide and etc, its a total farce. In fact, per my opinion, Mirza Nasir Ahmad wanted to be declared as non-Muslim in 1974 as his global strategy. Nevertheless, in 1956, the 2nd Khalifa was in agreement with the Pakistani constitution of 1956. The constitution adopted by Pakistan on March 23rd 1956 declared the country an Islamic Republic and made it mandatory that only a Muslim could become President. The Ahmadis at the time claimed that the “constitution has given equal rights and opportunities to non-Muslims”
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Is it wrong for an Ahmadi to disbelieve in homeopathic medicine?

Is it wrong for an Ahmadi to disbelieve in homeopathic medicine? In classic Ahmadi argumentation the answer is yes and no. I have covered this topic via a video also, see herein and the essay herein. In the below, is an essay from, which is official jamaat material. In this essay, he argues that since the Khalifa said that homeopathy came from God, Ahmadi’s are forced to believe in it. Nevertheless, a few days ago, a huge argument broke out on twitter between Ahmadi’s, many Ahmadi doctors called homeopathy as just a placebo and essentially non sense. These Ahmadi’s argued and called each other Kafir on twitter. And remember, a few years ago, Ahmadi’s on twitter attacked Fiona O’Leary since she criticized the Ahmadiyya practice of giving out homeopathic medicine. @Tarik_Chaudhary also attacked Kashif viciously!
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Mirza Nasir Ahmad said that homeopathic medicines were from Allah

It seems that Mirza Nasir Ahmad claimed that homeopathic medicines and treatment were from Allah. The ref is in the below. The reference in the below was posted on twitter as Ahmadi’s began to argue amongst themselves on this topic. All of this stems from Kashif Chaudhary’s questioning of the Ahmadiyya system of homeopathy. Kashif claimed that it was only a placebo, and thus only sugar pills. Many Ahmadi’s made Takfir on Kashif aka @KashifMD on twitter. Watch my video on this herein. About 3 years ago, Ahmadi’s attacked Fiona O’Leary on twitter after she criticized the Ahmadiyya business of selling homeopathy pills. These Ahmadi’s argued and called each other Kafir on twitter.
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Babar Butt is another ex-qadiani-ahmadi and now just a Muslim

Check out Babar Butt’s youtube channel, he is creating content and learning youtube.
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