Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a poet, and prophets are never poets!!!!

The Quran exonerated prophets from the descriptions of them in the Torah and Bible. Allah told us in the Quran that prophets were good people, and they never willfully committed sins. The Quran also told us that prophets were not poets, thus, Muhammad (saw) was not a poet (36:70, see Tafsir Ibn Kathir)(See 26:224-227 also). Nevertheless, we aren’t arguing that Muslims can’t be poets, however, we are arguing that Muhammad (Saw) and all other prophets and messengers were not poets, it is not befitting of them. Furthermore, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad began writing poetry in his very first book, the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 1-2, and continued to do so throughout this career. In fact, MGA and his team concocted many arabic poems that Ahmadi’s memorize and recite at meetings and ijtema’s (qaseedah). Ahmadi’s recite MGA’s poetry proudly (urdu nazams), however, they forget that MGA considered himself to be the perfect reflection of Muhammad (saw)(second coming of Muhammad (Saw)), however, not in the case of poetry, this is very ironic.
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Dr. Sutherland is mentioned in Hayyat-e-Tayyaba

This book mentions Dr. Sutherland and the last sentence here about MGA’s body being allowed in the second class section of the train at Lahore (second class ke ek rays row dabba(second class ki gaari mein jo rez row karai gayi thi- rakhwa diya gaya). It is rumored that MGA’s body was taken in a trash compartment, from Lahore to Batala. This book also shows that Dr. Sutherland didn’t come to see MGA’s dead body, or before. It says that Sheikh Rehmatullah went to Dr. Sutherland and made him write the certificate, ironically, it then argues that Dr. Sutherland was treating MGA in his final stage. This book also says that MGA died at age 76, which is totally wrong.

What’s odd about this book is that it was first published from Qadian in 2001. And thus, insignificant. It was written by Shaikh Abdul Qadir. He seems to be a companion of MGA.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad didn’t know anything about earthquakes until the Kangra earthquake of April-1905

We have found a story from Seeratul Mahdi wherein Mirza Bashir Ahmad tells how MGA reacted to the earthquake in Kangra on April 4th, 1905. This story proves that MGA didn’t have a clue about the Kangra earthquake and immediately told his team to start creating false revelations which could be used as evidence. Uptil April of 1905, MGA and his team of writers had never written about predicting earthquakes.

As they scrambled around, they immediately landed on MGA’s revelations from the Barahin which spoke of MGA’s god crushing mountains of opposition which had been built by MGA’s opponents via court cases and etc.

A few weeks later, in the May edition of the Review of Religions (ROR), an Ahmadi writer (most likely Muhammad Ali) wrote that MGA had predicted the earthquake of April 4th, 1905 back in 1882, and had published a revelation in the BA. MGA and his team then wrote about earthquakes in over 20 instances in their books and magazines.

After MGA died, in 1935, 18 Ahmadi’s died in Quetta as a result of this earthquake (See ROR of April 1935, page 273). In 1935, there were barely 174 Ahmadi’s in Quetta, this men, women in children, they also seem to have had a mosque. This is the beginnings of the Ahmadiyya jamaat in Quetta. 2 or 3 Ahmadi’s also died in the famous Bihar earthquake of 1934.
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The 2nd Khalifa of #ahmadiyya violated the Quran 3:7

Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and his handlers fraudulently published Tafsir-Saghir and Kabeer and ascribed it to himself. There are many many issues with these utterances.

Nevertheless, we have came across yet another violation, this time on Chapter 3:7 (3:8 in the Qadiani Quran). Chapter 3:7 has always been translated as “”None knoweth its explanation save Allah.””, however, the 2nd Khalifa and his team of writers wrote, “except Allah and true scholars”.
The Quran says only Allah knows the meaning of allegorical verses but KM2 has added right in the translation (not even in tafseer) that true scholars can know the meaning too. If Prophet Muhammad didn’t know the meaning of these verses how can KM2 say that mortal humans can know that? Also it is strictly implied that God purposefully added some verses in Quran which humans cannot understand. Is there any criteria written anywhere in islamic scriptures which says that some people in some time in the future will be able to interpret these verses which KM2 could provide as evidence to claim this? What exactly has given him the right to even attempt to translate these verses?

I was curious to see if 3:7 can be subjected to a different Qira’at. Some time ago, u/AhmadiJutt told me that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed established Hafs an Asim as the correct Qira’at of the Quran (Never got a reference for it, so I’ll consider it a rumour until a reference is provided). In that case, the translation is wrong. I checked if another available Qira’at has it different, but any differences in Qira’at do not impact this part of the passage (Check link for the different Qira’ats I found). So the Qirat doesn’t change meanings for the part you are concerned with. The only remaining option is that perhaps the Caliph did not agree with the grammatical structure of the reported Quran. I don’t want to speculate any reasons.
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MKA-USA has banned Tik Tok, Instagram and Telegram

Dear readers, we have received news from many #Ahmadis that tik tok, instagram and telegram have been banned by the Ahmadiyya Movement Jamaat International (AMJI) aka markaz. More to come soon. This isn’t the first time, they have banned Facebook in the past.
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Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad fall in love with an American woman named Miss Rose?

Even though MGA was impotent, he still lusted for women. Women would leave MGA’s private quarters with pain in their vagina, specifically after massaging MGA. There are other stories of MGA having women taking baths in-front of him in Darul Zikr. We also know that Yar Muhammad had a sexual relationship with MGA wherein he would grope him during prayers and etc. Listen to Mirza Masroor Ahmad explaining how MGA got sexually stroked during prayers. We have also presented many quotations in the below which prove that MGA always kept toilet attendants who also worked as masseuses.

Nevertheless, we have another story from Ahmadiyya sources (Zikr-e-Habib) wherein it is reported in 1926 how MGA seems to have fell in love with a certain Miss Rose from America. MGA was lusting so hard he made a pet-name for this woman, Miss Gulabo, which means Miss Rose. Mufti Muhammad Sadig goes on to tell the world that Ahmadi’s at Qadian would talk about Miss Gulabo at their gatherings (for food or whatever). Mufti Muhammad Sadiq also tells how a certain revelation of MGA was connected with this Miss Rose, and that is, ‘They will come to you by every distant track’, which was revealed to MGA at least 20 times and as early as BA-3 (1882).
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In 1899, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said that he cursed the Christian missionaries just to protect them

As we all know, after MGA’s written debate with Athim, wherein he lost on purpose in an attempt to discredit Islam. We have a found a new reference from Tiryaq ul Qulub wherein MGA clearly tells the world that he only cursed at the Christian missionaries to protect them. This quote says that in Nur-e-Afshan which is written from Ludhiana has Christians writing that the prophet Muhammad SAW was a thief, fornicator, who took advantage of his larki. He said that Muslims were crazy like animals so he thought let me respond by swearing at the Christians to calm down the Muslims before they get violent and he said that this is very wise and from his holy intentions. It should be noted, we haven’t found any Muslims living in British-india who dared to criticize Christianity, MGA was the only person who was allowed to do so.

However, these are lies, the Nur-e-Afshan never wrote anything like this.
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The great grand children of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad were punished in Africa for being #ahmadi

The Messiah was supposed to convert 99% of Christian’s to Islam before his death (see 4:159). In this video, the son of Mirza Masroor Ahmad (Mirza Waqas Ahmad), tells how he was persecuted in Africa for being an ahmadi. Watch my tik tok clip herein. In this clip, Mirza Waqas Ahmad explains how he grew up in Ghana and how he was punished by his Christian teachers.
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The history of #Ahmadiyya in the #Philippines

In 2021, there are barely 10 Ahmadi’s in all of the Philippines, Humanity First is also there working and trying to get converts. Talha Ali is the only Qadiani-Ahmadi missionary. There is only one Ahmadiyya mission house in the entire country, its in Parañaque, which is just south of Manila. Historically, Muslims live in the extreme south of the Philippines, thus, Ahmadiyya doesn’t interact with the Muslims of the Philippines. 99% of the sources are from Ahmadiyya literature.
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