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March 2021

How many Ahmadis are there in India in 2021?

Based on thorough research, we estimate that there are roughly 10,000 Ahmadi’s in all of India by 2021. About 800 in Kashmir and another 3,681 (see Nicholas Evans work) in Qadian and roughly another 6600 in the rest of India. Nicholas Evans conducted anthropological field work at Qadian in 2011 and was told about the convert numbers of 2008-2010. This was given to him by the main admin offices at Qadian. Remember, back in 2001, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was announcing 40 million new Ahmadi’s from India alone. We knew Ahmadiyya mullahs totally lied and now we have additional proof of it. Finally, we seriously doubt there were even 1726 Indian’s converted to Ahmadiyya in this 3 year period, we estimate it was barely 200-300, and even those people were poor and in need.

In this essay, we are also combining the history of Ahmadiyya in Bangladesh, since it was part of British-India uptil 1947. Check out the official Ahmadiyya in India youtube channel herein.

We have found a book by the Ahmadiyya Movement about their history in Calcutta, this is also covered by me herein. This booklet is dated as 12-1-1979 and signed off by the Ameer of the Calcutta Qadiani’s, Md. Noor Alam Ahmadi. A grandson of MGA, Mirza Wasim Ahmad was in-charge of all the Indian missions of the Qadiani’s from 1977 until he died in 2007. He was made as totally in-charge of Qadian. In Urdu he was the Nazir Aala & Ameer Jamaat Ahmadiyya Qadian until his death. The first Ameer in Qadian was the late Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahman.
Continue reading “How many Ahmadis are there in India in 2021?”

The history of Ahmadiyya in Honduras

In the July-1921 edition of the Moslem Sunrise, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq alleged that someone in Spanish Honduras had converted to Ahmadiya (a lie)(See page 17).

By 2023, there are barely 2-3 Ahmadi’s in the entire country, 2 Ahmadi mullah’s and no Ahmadiyya place of worship. The first ever Jalsa-Salana was held in 2020, and barely had 10 people in attendance. Continue reading “The history of Ahmadiyya in Honduras”

The Muhammadi Begum prophecy was supposed to be a sign for all Muslims about MGA’s truth

As we all know, MGA lusted after his triple niece (muhammadi begum) before and after she was married with children. It should also be noted that in 1892-93, MGA was claiming that this prophecy was for Muslims, as the Lekh Ram prophecy was for Hindus and the Abdullah Athim for Christians. MGA was asserting that this was how they would all convert to Ahmadiyya. However, all 3 of these prophecies failed and the masses never accepted Ahmadiyya, in fact, in 2021, in India, barely 0.00001% of the country is Qadiani-Ahmadi. Continue reading “The Muhammadi Begum prophecy was supposed to be a sign for all Muslims about MGA’s truth”

My interview on The3Muslims podcast, youtube channel

Dear friends, checkout my newest interview on the3Muslims youtube channel.
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The history of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Guatemala

In the Al Fazl, 22 December 1921 & 2 January 1922, it is alleged that in Guatemala, Central America, a friend named Mr. FR Mandal has joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat through correspondence. Before him, there was one friend who become an Ahmadi Muslim in Central America. While living in the United States, tabligh can be carried out in all the countries of the Americas, provided we have sufficient resources.

The Muslim population of Guatemala is approximately 1,200 (0.008% of the total population), of which 95% are Palestinian immigrants. There is a mosque near the emblematic Reforma avenue, called the Islamic Da’wah Mosque of Guatemala (Spanish: Mezquita de Aldawaa Islámica) which is available for the five daily prayers and offers classes in Islamic studies. The president of the Islamic Community of the country is Fahed Himeda el-Sagini. In 1989, the Qadiani’s began to build their place of worship, which seems to have been completed by 1991. It was rumored that a rich Ahmadi (ilyas Chaudhary with Saba Petroleum) from the Los Angeles area paid for this place of worship to be built. Per Ahmadiyya sources, the first ever Jalsa Salana was held in 1989 (Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World – A Pictorical Presentation. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; Khilafat Centenary Edition. 2008. ISBN 978-1882494514). Continue reading “The history of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Guatemala”

The history of Ahmadiyya in Belize

The Ahmadiyya movement spread to Belize in 2013. The first Ahmadiyya place of worship opened in 2021. Belize falls under the parent Charity in the UK, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI). AMJI is the umbrella charity that covers Ahmadiyya operations in Belize. There are barely 20 Ahmadi’s in the entire country and just a few ahmadi mullahs. Continue reading “The history of Ahmadiyya in Belize”

Who is Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain?

MGA died in his house in May of 1908, most likely at mid-night or 2am. He seems to have joined Ahmadiyya in the early 1900’s and was a class-mate of Allama Iqbal at the famous Scotch Mission High School. Colonel Dr. Bashir Husain, retired Director, Health Services, West Pakistan, is his son. In 1914, he quit Qadiani-Ahmadiyya and denounced the Mirza family and thus became a prominent Lahori-Ahmadi. He died in 1939. Continue reading “Who is Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain?”

How many Ahmadi’s are there in the USA and how much money do they collect from the USA?

In a recent broadcast, a prominent Qadiani-Ahmadi, Khurram Shah has disclosed some secret data on the Ahmadiyya Movement in the USA. Khurram Shah has worked extensively with the USA jamaat and has worked as a local President (sadr) and many national positions. He revealed that there are roughly 15,000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the USA and the annual collection was 30 million, we have also come to find out that the jamaat has 50 employees in the USA (See the 2020 Ahmadiyya bail out). In 2014, the Ahmadiyya jamaat in the USA announced that there were 15-20,000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in America, which seems to be an exaggeration. This was the official number given to congress as they started the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus.

The Canadian Jamaat collected 23 million canadian dollars in 2019. In the UK, for 2019, they collected 22 million pounds, which equals 30 million US dollars. Thus, from the UK, Canada and the USA, they are collecting 82 million dollars. We estimate that the German Jamaat is sending in about 20 million US dollars, thus, the Ahmadiyya jamaat aka the Mirza family is getting 100 million dollars every year from 4 countries. All 4 of these countries fall under the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI). Continue reading “How many Ahmadi’s are there in the USA and how much money do they collect from the USA?”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad dreamed about torturing and killing a cat

MGA was extremely violent toward birds and cats. In one instance, MGA claimed to see a dream wherein he cut off a cat’s nose and then planned to hang it until it died.

al-Badr, vol. 2, no. 34, September 11, 1903, p. 365 and Notebook of the Revelations of the MGA, p. 15 (Via Tadhkirah)

“””August 24, 1903

“””(A) I saw in a dream that a cat sought to attack a pigeon belonging to us. It would not desist despite my repeated efforts to turn it away. Then I cut off its nose and though it was bleeding it still persisted in its effort. Then I caught hold of it by its neck and started rubbing its face on the
ground but it continued to raise it, till in the end I said: Let us hang it.”””

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