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June 2021

Was the #Ahmadi Khalifa stabbed in 1954?

As a kid growing in America, I was told that the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad was stabbed on a Wednesday while leading prayer at the Masjid Mubarak in Rabwah (March 10th, 1954, see Rashid Ahmad). In 1957, Jalal ud Din Shams confirmed this story via a speech at the 1957 Jalsa at Rabwah, which was later converted to a book, “The Noble Son” by Jalal ud Din Shams, 1957, see page 95.

The story also exists in 1966 (See Truth Prevails, aka Ghalb-e-Haq). In 1965, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s wrote about the Khalifa while he was on his deathbed in a disrespectful manner, in this book, they asserted that the Khalifa had went crazy as per the wrath of Allah since he claimed to be the Musleh Maud in 1944. They posted many references from the Al-Fazl which spoke of the Khalifa’s miserable condition. However, they didn’t mention any stabbing incident.

As an additional piece of evidence, we cite SE Brush and his academic work of 1955 wherein he visited Qadian (in 1953 and early 1954) and even spoke to the Khalifa. He didn’t mention anything about a stabbing, he might have left before March 1954, when the stabbing happened. Moreover in 1955, the Khalifa travelled to London for the second time in his life and never mentioned any incident of stabbing. Further, Rashid Ahmad, the first ever Qadiani-Ahmadi murrabi claimed that he was in Rabwah in 1954 when the stabbing happened. He claims that he was missing from the masjid on the day when the Khalifa was stabbed. He claims that some boy (allegedly, a non-Ahmadi Muslim from Chiniot) slipped into his spot in the first row behind the Khalifa.

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In India, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s love the Hindu RSS

Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are famously known for supporting all groups of people who are anti-islam. Nicholas Evans proves this via his work on #ahmadiyya in qadian, India. Soon after his book was published, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s began attacking him on social media. Nicholas Evans told the world how official members of the hindu RSS are invited to Qadian every year for the Jalsa.
Watch my video on Nicholas Evans work herein. The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s of India have been working extensively behind the scenes with the Hindu-RSS. This video is another piece of evidence, it shows how the Hindu RSS march the streets of Qadian. We also know how the Qadiani-Ahmadi celebrate #ramanavani with the #hindus (See the Qadian Times video of 2017).

Even in Israel, #qadianis support the zionist and love the religious freedom, however, they claim persecution in #palestine, which is controlled by #muslims.
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Who is Karim Ahmad Khan?

Karim Ahmad Khan is a Qadiani-Ahmadi who works as a chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, he was previously working as a British lawyer and a specialist in international criminal law and international human rights law. His younger brother (Imran Ahmad Khan) is also a politician and was recently accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year old. Karim Asad Ahmad Khan was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 30 March 1970. He is the son of the late Dr Saeed Ahmad Khan who passed away in 1996 and mother is Selma Mubaraka Ahmad Khan. On the 16 April 1993, he was married to Sahibzadi Yasmin Rehman Mona the third daughter of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV. He seems to have taken a second wife recently, her name is Shyamala Alagendre. His father was a dermatologist who immigrated to the UK in the late 1960’s, when there was barely any Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the UK. His mom was a white woman from the UK. His family seem to have been fast friends with Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.

In 2021, he was announced as ‘Chief prosecutor’ of the International Criminal Court, wherein he will investigate war crimes, mostly perpetrated by Russia. In 2022, he visited the Ahmadiyya-Humanity First stall in Poland and thus gave the Ahmadiyya Community free press and made it look like the Ahmadiyya Movement is helping refugees, which is a farce.

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Who is Adil Hussain Khan? His work on #ahmadiyya

Adil Hussain Khan has written academically on #ahmadiyya and quite extensively. We have quoted him many times on this blog. We have posted his book as a free download in the below.
“From Sufi-ism to Ahmadiyya”–free download

From Sufi-ism to Ahmadiyya by Adil Hussain Khan
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Ahmadiyya leadership authorized violent Jihad in 1947-48


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Ahmadi murrabi Muhammad Luqman Rana EXPOSED as a child sex predator

99% of #ahmadi’s are sexual predators IMHO. We have many instances of this, from MGA to his son (the khalifa), to Zafrullah Khan and to Imran Ahmad Khan. There is also the case in Allen, Texas wherein a Qadiani-Ahmadi raped a young member of the Ahmadiyya jamaat and the jamaat covered it up.

Back in 2017, an Ahmadi Murrabi-student, Muhammad Luqman Rana was charged with online child luring, pornography and extortion. The jamaat got their best lawyer and he seems to have beat the case and was then re-instated into the Jamaat as a murrabi. He seems to be in peace village and is there at the Baitul Islam Mosque.

His brother is Noman Rana @theimamrana, he is a missionary in Mexico. Here is him in Belize in 2017.

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In 1933, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were claiming that a prophet would come after Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

This was found by @zafarim786. In this edition of the Al-Fazl, someone asked the Khalifa as to how a person could become a prophet in the last era (akhree zamana ka nabee). The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad answered as such:

the Khalifa says that the Akhree Zamana ka nabee will be a follower of MGA. He must obey MGA, without obeying MGA no one can become a prophet. no prophet will come who has become a prophet by following Muhammad (saw), they must follow MGA. People might get true dreams and etc, just like some people got dreams about MGA’s truthfulness. In fact, even in 2021, #ahmadis believe that many Messiah’s/Mahdi’s and jalaali prophets can come.
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An Ex Waqfe Nau’s Tale

This entire entry was taken from the islam/ahmadiyya reddit forum. Like me, this kid read about the split, and the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and found them to be more rational and the #qadianis as uneducated mullahs. He also says that the Mirza family doesn’t care about Ahmadi’s that suffer, they are here to take money from people.
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What is Tareek-e-Ahmadiyya?

Tareek-e-Ahmadiyya also spelled as Taareekhe-Ahmadiyyat. It seems to have had its first edition published in 2000 and second edition published in 2007. It was published in India, not Pakistan. We have quoted it sporadically on this blog.
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Who is Sughra Begum? The 3rd wife of Noorudin?

Sughra Begum is an interesting case. She was forcibly married to Maulvi Noorudin in 1889. She was the daughter of Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana. The first ever bait ceremony of 1889 was held in her house. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that that the daughter of Sufi Ahmad Jan was married off to Noorudin in March of 1889, just before MGA’s bait ceremony. Noorudin was married to Sufi Ahmad Jan’s daughter (Sughra Begum, she was most likely 12-14 years old)(see “Maulvi Noorudin” by Zafrullah Khan, online english edition of 2006, pages 82-83)(see also, “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, online english 2003 edition, pages 3, 41 and 73) in the same month of March 1889, they seem to have held this wedding on 7 March 1889 and the  bait ceremony a few weeks later. Sughra begum must have thus moved to Jammu with Noorudin, its unknown. Noorudin moved to Qadian from Jammu in 1893. Sughra Begum thus lived in the same house as MGA’s wife and Maulvi Abdul Karim’s wife.

She lived in MGA’s mansion until roughly January-1914, wherein she was forced to move out to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan’s house. A year later, she tried to poison the Khalifa (See Tareekh e Ahmadiyya)(See the scan in the below, which was found by @zafarim786). In 1914, as soon as Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad became Khalifa, he married Sughra Begum’s daughter, Amtul Haye. After 1915, Sughra Begum goes missing in Ahmadiyya records. Her son, Abdul Haye died mysteriously in 1915 also, is there a connection? Her daughter died mysteriously in 1924. In the 1950’s, her 2 youngest sons were kicked out of Ahmadiyya. That left one son in Ahmadiyya, Maulvi Abdus Salaam who seems to have remained a Qadiani until he died in 1955. After the partition of 1947, they moved to Quetta. His son recently popped-up in an Ahmadi magazine.

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