In 1914, WW-1 broke out and the final islamic nation the Ottoman Empire. #Ahmadis supported the British against the Ottoman empire. The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad even reminded the British government that MGA’s bait form of 1889 included an oath of allegiance to the British government and thus, it was proven that all Ahmadis were loyal to the British. The Khalifa didn’t mention that after 1896, condition #4 of the bait form had been changed and loyalty to the British had been removed by MGA himself. The Khalifa went so far to even say, “We can not carry on our propaganda under any of the so-called Muslim states”.  Later on, in the 1920, Zafrullah Khan pretended to support the Khilafat movement just to get intel on the Muslims and then relayed it back to the British.

The references posted in the below seem to come from the Khalifa, however, no source was given by @Ehzan on twitter.


From the reminescensces from Sir Muhammad Zafullah Khan

This telegram was a private telegram, However publicly Ahmadis supported the “Khilafat Movement” and event sent a delegation led by Sir Zafrullah Khan to the movement’s conferences in Allahabad.

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The first Bait form in Ahmadiyya included an oath of loyalty to the British Government (1889 to 1906)


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