We have found a story from Seeratul Mahdi wherein MGA is found to have been around women in his house and even pouring water on little girls and meticulously cleaning their hair so as to get rid of lice. There is also the famous story female servant wherein she took a bath in front of MGA.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Seeratul Mahdi, 2008 edition, story number 1509, page 285

The girl (Aisha Sahiba binthe jan) relating the story says that her mother died in 1906, and she was taken home by the wife of Noorudin (his 3rd wife, Sughra Begum). MGA even helped putting water on her hair. MGA was helping her get rid of lice. Listen to brother Zia’s explanation herein (at the mark 1:37:00).

Zikray Habib, page 38 by mufti Muhammad Sadiq

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“”””on the authority of qadyani molvi and sahabi of mirza Qadyani, molana mufti sadiq that ” a partially insane woman took bath in the corner of a room of mirza qadyani, while mirza was busy in his work and was present and on completion of bath, another woman asked her the reason that why she took bath? The woman replied that “does he see anything ??””””

Book zikray habib, page 38 by mufti Muhammad Sadiq (sahabi of mirza qadyani  and qadyani murabi.


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