A report is emerging from Ahmadi’s in Canada, they have told us that Lal Khan had a private meeting with the Mayor of Brampton, Ontario, Patrick Brown. It seems that Lal Khan has guaranteed that Ahmadi’s will vote for Mr. Brown in exchange for support on additional asylum cases. The owner of Rabwah times has also tweeted about this and Afzal Upal.

This proves that the Ahmadiyya Movement regularly greases politicians in return for political asylum for Ahmadi’s. Thus, there is no Ahmadi persecution at all, it is simply a ploy for financial gain by the Ahmadiyya Movement. It should be noted that Naseem Mahdi played the same political games with Judy Sgro as they secured 1000’s of asylum visas 20 years ago.

Soon after the meeting, Ahmadi’s are reporting to us that local presidents are pressuring the community members to sign up for the conservative party and vote for Brown to become the next conservative party leader. There is a fee of $15 which local community presidents are reimbursing in cash. They are essentially buying votes by bribing people and say that he will help the community, but it isn’t clear how (asylum cases).



Raheel Syed

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Interesting, I wasn’t asked to donate any such funds. 🤔

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