Dear readers, most Ahmadi’s suffer from a huge disease, that is believing that dreams actually come true and etc, even Nabeel Qureshi believed it and even converted to Christianity based on this idea.  It’s important to note that tt was MGA who began to argue in favor of “true-dreams” as he made his first and only argument in the BA1—4.  Remember, MGA had promised 300 arguments in favor Islam, however, he only covered one, and that was his own dreams and revelations.  Whereas in the islamic world, 99% of Muslims don’t engage in dream telling or prophecizing, in fact, 33:40 effectively told Muslim to leave this type of phenomenon alone.

1890—MGA said that anyone can have a true dream, even prostitutes we they lay with customers

See “Elucidation of Objectives”, online 2004 english edition, page 68-69

“”””I even believe, and experience testifies to it, that on occasion even a woman of loose morals who belongs to the class of prostitutes and whose youth has been spent in illicit sex, may sometimes have a true dream. It is even more surprising that such a woman soaked in drink and in bed with her lover, can even during such a night have a dream which turns out to be
true. But remember, it happens exactly as it should; for the angelic light of Gabriel is quite like the Sun. From his headquarters, he is exerting his influence over the entire universe consistent with the potentialities of the recipients. Hence, not a single human being in the world is totally left out in the dark. Even the lowest of the low retains a minuscule particle of this love for his
true homeland and the true Beloved.””””

In 1901
After denying being a prophet for 10 years, MGA claims that he wrong this whole time and simply misunderstood his God.  Obviously, MGA was actually lying this whole time and was creating arguments to substantiate his view.

Even in the Moslem Sunrise, they were peddling the idea of a divine connection through dreams and etc
See the Moslem Sunrise of 1922, page     .

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