In the Islam/Ahmadiyya reddit forum, there is a new post by yet another ex-Ahmadi about the corruption in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Qadian. He also talks about growing up as an Ahmadi in Germany. This confirms the recent stories from the Ex-Ahmadi-imam who recently interviewed on Zaitoon FM with Ak Shaikh. This also confirms the research work of Nicholas Evans. In conclusion, Qadian is not a religious place at all, most Ahmadi’s are jobless, on drugs and lusting after money.
His story

My name is Adeel and I live in Germany. I’ve been married since 2016 and have a son. I haven’t left the Jamaat yet, but in my heart I’ve already left. My wife is from Qadian, was born and raised in Qadian and came to Germany to get married in 2016.

I was a very pious Ahmadi, I was very religious from an early age, which was also recognized by the Jamaat, which is why I became a very young Qaid Majlis at the age of 16. After that I became Nazim Atfal for 6 years. In my time as Nazim Atfal, I really put effort and tried to teach the teaching of Islam to the Atfal. But one thing I noticed was that neither the children nor the parents worked with me. The Atfal showed very little interest in religion and I always wondered why the parents don’t teach them anything. The Taleem classes took place once a week in every Tifls house, because we dont have a mosque here. For this reason I got to know most of the Ahmadis households in my Jamaat (which will be important later).

During my studies I worked as a Moawin in the national Shobas of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya. Basically, you could say I was the perfect Ahmadi boy. I paid Chanda, also joined the Wassiyat Chanda system and was an active Ahmadi. My sisters and mother were also known to be very “good” Ahmadis. It seemed like a very nice and happy family to an outsider, but we weren’t.

My father is from Rabwah and my mother is the daughter of a Darwesh Qadian. My father abused my mother and us children. I’m not going into details here because it’s the same shit as in every Desi household: mother is not allowed to decide anything, father would decide everything. He tried to forcibly marry my sisters to boys of his choice and put so much mental pressure on my mother and them that he made them all sick. Since I am the oldest, I have always stood up for my mother and my siblings (2 sisters after me and the youngest brother). So my relationship with my father was always very bad. I never felt like I had a father figure in my life to look up to. I never felt that I could go to my father for advice. Mother wasn’t of much help either because she was always dealing with her problems. Overall, I was always alone, emotionally and financially. My father would never spend his money on mother or us children, only on basic needs. Therefore there were a lot of fights about the money, even though he had enough money (which was balck money; it is common for Desis here in Germany to earn black money).

When the situation became unbearable for my mother and sisters regarding the older sister’s marriage, my mother called the police and eventually threw him out. The judge ruled that he must be away for 2 weeks or more. In the meantime he tried to solve his problem via Jamaat. Two local office bearer Sec. Tarbiyyat and Zaim Ansarullah, who happened to be friends with my father, came to our house and talked to my mother and eventually convinced her that he has changed and that he will treat her well. Sec Tarbiyyat even said that if he ever does something again, he will take full responsibility. I was totally against it and also argued with them and they called me disrespectful. Instead of solving the problem, they just tried everything to get their friend home. They also put fear in my mother that in the future it will be difficult for a woman her age with two unmarried daughters, what will people say (I hate that phrase so much). He came back home and was fine for a year. During this time my sister and also me got married. But after a year the same problems came back and he was the old self. They are now divorced and my mother now lives with my sister and brother. The whole precedure after that in the Jamaats Qaza Board was very dissapointing for us. Main issue is that in Qaza Board there are no women at all! One would think that in a jury there should be man and women, because they both relate to their gender and understand their issues better, but no there are only men with no special education and with the same mindset as their “clients”.

This whole experience was the trigger for my doubts. I asked myself the question, why is my mother so unhappy? I see her pray all the time, read quran and being active in the Jamaat. She is a good Ahmadi Muslima, so why does God not help her, help us? And then I started to investigate, and I thought to myself, that if the Jamaat is the true religion, one has to at least see it in its members. And then I realized, once I evaluated all my experiences from home and in the Jamaat work, what was going on. Especially when I thought more about my time as Nazim Atfal, I found that the same things were happening in the homes of my former Atfal. From the things I have heard and seen about other Desi households (mainly due to the fact that suffering women share their pain with other women and I heard and talked about it with my mother), I concluded that Jamaat Ahmadiyya is maybe not that special at all.

Since my mother and wife are from Qadian, I have so many relatives there. And I’ve seen Qadian and the people myself a couple of times, I’ve never felt “it”. I have never felt that Qadian is the birthplace of a prophet, the Messiah and Mahdi that the whole world is waiting for. Sorry, but Qadian is just nothing like that. When I asked my wife how it was growing up in Qadian she told my that people there know nothing about Ahmadiyyat. Many Khuddam do drugs and drink alcohol and there have been many criminal cases. One of her worst experiences was during Jalsa Qadian. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s family is treated as a VIP guest, who come from abroad (USA, UK, Germany…) during Jalsa. She worked as a volunteer with many other girls. The Mirza family members get extra dorms, extra food and extra service from young Lajna volunteers. My wife told me that the Mirza family members behave very arrogant and rude that she had to cry, because of this experience. Young Lajna is told that by working for the Mirza family you will receive so many blessings that you cannot imagine. The family members are mostly rich (one can only guess where all the money is coming from) and they display their wealth by wearing fancy clothes and jewelry in front of the common people of Qadian. She expected humility and kind words from them, but she received the opposite, not only she but also most of the volunteer girls share the same experience and now most of the young Lajna no longer want to do this “khidmat”. Office bearers are so corrupt in Qadian. The chanda money of us people here in the west goes straight into their pockets. Bribery is commonplace (we once bought a small property in Qadian and we had to bribe a office bearer for this). There have been some large cases of corruption in Qadian recently, which my mother-in-law also confirmed (all my in-laws live in Qadian). See here:

When I put together my experiences, readings on Jamaat books and Jamaat critics, I come to the conclusion that Jamaat is just a cult.


Well, I dont have any relgious believe now. I dont activly deny the existence of God, but neither I pray to him.

My wife understands my point of view. And when I showed her the errors in MGAs books she also was shocked and couldnt believe the things I have found, but she is still religious in a way. We agreed not to interfer with each others beliefs and let our son decide for him self what he wants to become. Regarding my family they also understand my views, because we share the similiar experience. My mother and one sister are still very religious though but they dont force their religion onto me.

Next for me is just live my life and see where things go. I still believe and always have that being kind to human kind is the most important thing in life.

The people of the Khandan know how to present themselves here in the west, how to talk and behave. But you have to see their behaviour when they deal with simple people in Qadian, where they dont have the comforts of the western way of living. I am not saying that all of them are like this, surely there are really good and humble people among the Khandan, but the bad ones stick out always. My wife told me that members of the khandan when they were leaving after Jalsa always awarded some of the volunteers with some money or juwelry for their services, which I think kills the whole purpose of “khdimat”.

I am not saying that I believe everything AK Sheikh says, it is hard to prove the allegations. Thats why my wife asked her mother and she confirmed that everyone in Qadian knows what is happening and those cases are real. In Qadian it is well known that the Jamaat elite is crrupt. I remember that few years back my mother even wrote a letter to Hazur about the crruption in Qadian, Hazurs answer was that he will look into that and she should report to Amir Jamaat Germany, which she did, and after that nothing happened.

I have been few times to Qadian, I was even in Qadian in 2005/2006 when Hazur came the first time to Qadian. He even visited every home in Ahmadiyya Mohallah, where my relatives live. Back then for my it was a very relgious experience. You have to visit Qadian and see things for yourself.

Regarding buying property in Qadian: All the area around Darul Masih belongs to the Jamaat. If you want to buy a property you need permission and have to buy from the Jamaat. That is why we had to bribe some local office bearer, also my sister in law when she bought some property told us that they had to bribe a official. Unless you experience, you will never know that these things happens. My brother in-law is Waqfe Nau and Dr. In Jamaat hosptial. He has told us stories about the corruption in the Jamaat hospital, because of which quite a few patients died!! KM4 decided back then that if the people of Qadian are living or using Jamaats facilities for work, no one can take these away. My grandfather, who was a Darwesh used to run a shop, which now my father in law is running. 2 years ago the Jamaat decided hat they needed that shop, either he pays 10 times more rent or they kick him out, the officials said that this decision came from Hazur. My father in-law insisted that they show him the original letter from Hazur, but they couldnt, because there was none. They took this case to the civil court and my father in-law won the case! Everyone was hating on him telling him how dare you going up against the Jamaat, but he still won.

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