Dayananda Saraswati (12 February 1824 – 30 October 1883) was a founder of the Arya Samaj of the Punjab. Dayanand seemed to be anti-British, as well as anti-every religion other than Hinduism in the Indian Subcontinent. He wrote his famous Satyarth Prakash in 1875, wherein he criticized all religions in India. He was assassinated in 1883, MGA claims to have prophecied his death, however, that was in 1887, via Shahna-e-Haqq, p. 43, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 382, via the 2019, online english edition of Tadhkirah, see page 135. Furthermore, MGA only had one witness, a local Hindu from Qadian named Lalah Sharampat. Lalah Sharampat immediately denied all of this in 1885, and with Lekh Ram at Qadian. Per MGA, in 1896-1897 he published announcements vs. MGA, and again in 1906, he opposed MGA in Qadian and called MGA a liar.

However, the famous Lekh Ram seemed to have inherited this beef with MGA. Per Ahmadiyya sources, MGA began interacting with Dayananda in 1879, via the Vakil newspaper (See Dard). It is unclear whether this was before or after the publishing of MGA’s first book, Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya. By 1884, MGA was claiming that he knew that Dayananda would die in 1883 (See BA-4). However, this is just another after the fact prophecy by MGA. MGA also had a written debate with Muhrlinder in 1886, this was MGA’s first ever written debate. Muhrlinder was also an Arya Samajist.

“””God the Benevolent gave me the news of his death, which took place on 30 October 1883, about three months before it occurred. Accordingly, this information was also conveyed to some Aryas. Anyway, everyone has to undertake this journey. Sooner or later, everyone will have to depart from this temporary abode. But it is a pity—a great pity indeed—that God provided the Pundit such an opportunity to find guidance that He sent me during his lifetime, but he departed bereft of guidance in spite of my announcements of all kinds. He was called to light but he did not accept the light on account of his love for this wretched world and he remained steeped in darkness from head to toe. A man of God invited him towards himself several times for his own good, but he did not take even a single step towards that direction and, having wasted away his life in unjust prejudice and arrogance, disappeared like a bubble. Even though he was the primary addressee of my 10,000 rupee challenge, and for this reason an announcement was also addressed to him once in the newspaper Baradar-e-Hind, but no response was forthcoming from him until he turned into dust and ashes.”””

Shahna-e-Haqq, p. 43, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 382, via the 2019, online english edition of Tadhkirah, see page 135

“”Concerning Pandit Dayanand, Lalah Sharampat was informed two months before his demise that his end was very near. Actually, in my vision I had seen him dead.””

Dayananda is mentioned in the ROR of July-1912.

In 1923, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s began attacking the Arya Samaj Hindu’s again and specifically, their founder, Dayananda Saraswati, see the book, “Unneesvi Sadi ka Maharishi” (A 19th Century Maharishi) by Mir Qasim Ali (1923). This prompted Hindu’s to write Rangila Rasul, and it prompted the British government to pass blasphemy laws which protected Muhammad (saw) and all other founders of religions from random people cursing at them. Ironically, in 1984,  Zia ul Haq added to this in his famous Ord-XX. Zia added 298B and 298C. Thus, and very ironically, Ahmadi’s are shown crying about the blasphemy laws that they helped enact. In fact, even MGA supported blasphemy laws back in 1895.

Dayananda is mentioned in the ROR of Oct-1937.

Dayananda is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939, Oct-1939 and Nov-1939.

Dayananda is mentioned in the ROR of Oct-1940.

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