In the below we have posted a story from ex-ahmadi arab friends on facebook which explains the failure of the Ahmadiyya movement in Egypt.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________QADIANISM ON DECLINE IN EGYPT. Written by Hassan Al-hamdan.
Translated from Arabic to Urdu : Brother AR. Khan. Read the full history of Ahmadiyya in Egypt here.

In the western part of Egypt, only 24 persons took Baiyat since after Hani Taher left Ahmadiyyat. One of them was a graduate of Jamia Al-Azhar whose hobby was to prove the truth of Islam from numeric miracles of Quraanic verses. After accepting Qadianism he continued to discuss the truthfulness of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. He made a group of 16 persons to begin with. These people demanded from Qadiani Jamaat to nominate someone to look after their work. Hatim Alshafi, the Amir Jamaat Ahmadiyya Egypt nominated Fathi Abdussalam but he could not satisfy them and soon they kicked him out of their group. Further research led this group of 16 to leave Jamaat Ahmadiyya. In this way two third of the newly converts repented from Qadianism in one go. After sometime 7 out of 8 converts also left the Jamaat. Only one out of 24 remained in Jamaat and he will also leave it soon.


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