Sheikh Imran Hosein is a famous desi imam who’s teacher was a student of Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal. In this recent talk he did in Lahore, Pakistan, on August 7th. 2021 with the famous Orya Maqbool Jan. In this talk, he called Ahmadiyya beliefs as pathetic, he specifically quoted the fact that Eisa (as) will speak in the cradle and in old age (See Quran, 3:46), he mentioned how Muhammad Ali  (the top Lahori-Ahmadi) claimed that Eisa (As) spoke at age 26 and thus fulfilled this verse of the Quran.

He doesn’t believe in the substitution theory, and that’s OK, a Muslim isn’t forced to believe as such. In fact, in Islam, the ijma was always that Eisa (as) would physically return at a time when an an independent islamic government would be established on Earth. This is the only ijma. He also mentioned that some Muslims believe that Eisa (as) will return as a non-prophet, he called this pathetic. It should be noted that MGA argued as such from 1891 to 1901.

Sheikh Imran Hosein gave a really good interpretation of 3:55, he confirmed that Allah took the soul of Eisa (As)(all the details are vague) and would give it back. All of the details seem to be irrelevant. Sheikh Imran Hosein also mentioned how in 3:55 Allah told Eisa (as) that he would allow Christians to dominate the world until the Day of Resurrection approached and a Muslim government would emerge with the Mahdi, and that point, Eisa (as) would physically return.
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