3:46 of the Quran and 5:110 prove that Esa (As) will physically descend close to the Day of Judgment (see 43:61). In both verses, the same phraseology and words are used to explain how Esa (as) spoke in the cradle (fil mahdi) and will speak at manhood (wakala). The phrase wakala or wakalan only appears in the Quran twice, and both times in reference to Esa (as), thus proving that Esa (as) will physically descend and give wisdom via his speech.

MGA on 3:46 and 5:110
It seems that MGA never commented on these verses.

Malik Ghulam Farid, in the 5-volume official commentary on the Quran
In terms of 3;36, in the 1988 edition of this 5-volume commentary, Farid claims that in Lane’s Lexicon, wakala means middle age (see page 396), he then quotes Thalabi’s famous commentary on the Quran wherein this scholar writes that this phrase wakala means between the ages of 40-55.

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