The Ahmadiyya Movement has recently published an english translation of MGA and his team of writers famous Arabic book, “Sirat Abdal” (Hallmarks of the Saints)(1903). Per Ahmadiyya sources, Siratul-Abdal is a continuation of the third Arabic pamphlet—‘Alamatul-Muqarrabin (The Signs of those Granted Nearness to God)—included in Tadhkiratush Shahadatain (The Two Martyrs) in which MGA discusses the traits of people who have attained nearness of Allah. The book is barely 20 pages of content.

The book review

MGA starts off this book claiming that the angels descend on Qadian and himself. He then claims that if a person reads Surahs an-Nur, al-Fatihah, and al-Ma’idah continously, they will will be counted among those who have attained certainty. This is really a non-sensical book, it makes no sense at all. They also quote 7:58 in this book. They claim that Saints in Islam are just like prophets. They also quote 14:24–27.

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