Recently, Yahya Khan boasted about throwing the challenge of Shams ud Din in the waste basket. Just like MGA said he would throw all hadith that didn’t match his revelations in the waste basket (see the ref in the below in Urdu). However, Yahya Khan made a huge mistake, since on the challenge of Shams ud Din hadith and quran was written and thus, it was a major case of disrespect of the Quran and hadith by Yahya Khan. As a result of this error, Yahya Khan made a video wherein he is seen kissing the paper that he had thrown in the trash, see this tik tok. You can watch the full video herein (48:21 mark).

See RK: vol: 19, pg. 140, 1902-1902 era).  “””Ijaz e ahmadi”””

“the basis for our claim is not hadith but Quran and that wahi which comes to us.  Yes, in support we also quote those hadith which are according to Quran and do not contradict my wahi.  As for the rest of the hadiths, i throw them away like waste paper..” 

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