Our brother, Shams ud Din has the Ahmadiyya Jamaat worried. They already told his cousin, Yahya Khan (the pharmacist) that he must start an open war with him. This has been going for 2-3 years. Recently, Shams ud Din seems to have posted 3 questions as a challenge to Ahmadi’s. Shams ud Din’s cousin, Yahya Khan wasted over 10 hours of video discussing terms of a debate that he doesn’t want to have. Yahya Khan should have simply given the answers to these questions. However, he is being told what to do from behind a curtain, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is in-fact telling him what to do. The issue is that MGA quoted 23:50 in terms of Yuz Asaf= Eisa (as), and thus, told a huge lie. There are no hadith about 23:50 or any additional corroborating info from any islamic source that connects 23:50 with Yuz Asaf. 

Open Challenge to Ahmadiyya Jammat to prove from Quran and Hadith that:

1) Is Yus Assaf is Eisa (isa) ?

2) Is Hazrat Eisa grave located in Kashmir?

3) Was Father of Prophet Eisa’s a King ?

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In 1902, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad argued that the Quran, 23:50 referred to Esa (as) and Maryam traveled to Kashmir

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