In a recent question answer session, Mirza Masroor Ahmad has admitted to not being able to properly pronounce arabic in Surah Fatiha. Watch my tik tok herein. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s mother (Nasira Begum)was a murrabi or had passed exams which would qualify her as a Maulvi, however, she obviously didn’t teach per youngest child (Mirza Masroor Ahmad) how to properly pronounce arabic. Recently, Mirza Masroor Ahmad claimed that his uncle (cha cha), Mirza Bashir Ahmad taught him how to read Arabic (see at the 25:25 mark), which is really bad since Ahmadiyya sources claim that he had a masters degree in arabic, and yet, he wasn’t able to teach Mirza Masroor Ahmad how to properly pronounce the AIN. We had highlighted all of this on Muzzy Buzz (at the 50:49 mark), Smile2jannah and many other channels and thus, fully exposed the Mirza family and lack of training in the arabic language. Moreover, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad couldn’t properly pronounce the AIN, GHAIN, QAF and many others. Nevertheless, 73:4 of the quran tells Muslims to recite the quran properly.

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