ilyas Chaudhary is a Qadiani-Ahmadi and famous for owning Saba Petroleum. You can view this on open corporates herein. He was living in the L.A. area and attended the Chino Mosque (Baitul Hameed). I discussed with Mustafa Ahmed Ahad just a a few days ago. He might be related to Younus Chaudhary (the wealthy Ahmadi from Houston, who also made a fortune on oil wells). Nevertheless, he has been the richest Ahmadi in Chino since the 1980’s and has used his position to manipulate poor Ahmadi’s. In fact, in the late 1990’s-early 2000’s he was allowed by the Khalifa to have Ahmadi’s invest in his company and then he robbed most of them. He also paid for the building of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Guatemala. His children seem to have all left Ahmadiyya. More to come on this soon.

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