It seems that in 1936, via the Al-Fazl, Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail wrote an essay wherein he discussed the nature of revelations, he presented many things. The title of his essay is “wahi wal ilham”, which has something to do with the revelations of MGA. He presented a scenario wherein a backwards servant of MGA who was sleeping next to MGA intercepted some drops of a revelation that was meant for MGA. The sub-topic was entitled “Frishta kee avara wahy”.
In his revelation, MGA’s god seems to be calling him a pig and telling him to get up for prayers. The very next page it says, the 1st Khalifa (Noorudin) was told to stop reading a hindu book, “Ram Mohan Rai”. MGA’s god told him to tell Noorudin to stop is a stern way. The angel said all of this in his own words, and even let out a cuss word.

Watch Mufti Mubasher Shah’s stream herein for a good explanation.

Al-Fazl 1936 Oct 23, page 4-8


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