Just 20 hours ago, the Ahmadi mullah @FarhanIqbal1 admitted to knowing full information about the child pornography case of Rana Luqman since 2017. However, as-is the Ahmadiyya norm, @FarhanIqbal1 withheld crucial information. Rana Luqman did graduate from Jamia and was beginning to work as a murrabi when he was arrested. He was then stripped of being a murrabi and was reinstated as a waqf-e-zindagi and given a desk job. Our inside sources at Peace Village tell us that he was always at the Ahmadiyya temple and sitting in the first row. Jamia students were really disgusted, especially since all jamia students knew of his internet hobby. Jamia-Canada is a sex den wherein the most illicit sexual behaviors are happening between men. Rana Tanveer has covered this recently also. @FarhanIqbal1 lied about the famous bait fraud also, he claimed to have went to Africa and saw lots of Ahmadi’s and they might have quit.


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“”He never worked with children. He was never reinstated as a full-time Murabbi working in Mississauga. I don’t know which alleged source said this to Mr. Tanveer. I know this case very well from the start. A lot of safeguards were in place and I can tell you from my own personal observation that the Jama’at took all precautions necessary and acted very professionally.”””


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I don’t like to comment on people’s personal affairs, especially not on social media. I feel that it is too self-righteous for us to condemn people and the whole Jama’at based on little to no information and fill in the gaps as we go along. I think we should instead look inward and reform our own selves.

I will only say this: he never worked with children. Jama’at ensured that the moment this came to light. And he is no longer working for the Jama’at in any capacity since this was proven in court. The Jama’at also does not help people with court cases. That is a ridiculous notion. If any lawyer or expert helped him or gave him legal advice, they did it in their personal capacity and most likely in the spirit of “innocent until proven guilty”. Jama’at has nothing to do with what individuals do. It is absurd to conflate actions of individuals with Jama’at.

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