Just a few day’s ago, the Police department of Premkot, district Hafizabad (on twitter as

@DHafizabad) were alerted by local Muslims of the Ahmadiyya graveyard therein which had the Kalima written on almost every tombstone. The police department were most likely only alerted since Ahmadi’s were bothering the local Muslim community. This seems to be a staged incident for asylum claims for Ahmadi’s. The graveyard was given to Ahmadi’s in 1974. After 1984, Ahmadi’s were supposed to remove the Kalima from their tombstones and their temples, however, they have refused to do so. The Ahmadiyya press posted this and didn’t give the full story. The Ahmadiyya Movement even had their inside man, Lord Tariq lie about this incident.


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#Ahmadis have shot and killed Muslims in the District Faisalabad in retaliation to the removal of their minarets


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