We continue to see Ahmadiyya propaganda in political spaces. Just a few days ago, we were alerted to as “Ahmadiyyat poster Exhibition on Justice” that was featured for 2 weeks in the Concourse Hallway connecting the Legislative Office Building & State Capitol in Connecticut. This was led by Miyan Zahir Muhammad Mannan, who is a fanatical-extremist Ahmadi living in the state of Connecticut. Miyan Zahir Muhammad Mannan is a “Legacy-Ahmadi”, which means that his fanaticism comes from a sense of pride and loyalty to his great grandparents, who were companions of MGA. He is a grandchild of Dr. Mujaddid Ahmed Ijaz and Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz. Dr. Mujaddid Ahmed Ijaz was the cousin of the famous Dr. Abdus Salam.

The son of Dr. Mujaddid Ahmed Ijaz is Mansoor Ijaz. Mansoor Ijaz has worked for the CIA, he was a huge part of the Memogate controversy. In 2011, he did an interview wherein he discussed his work between the US and Pakistani government. In 2000 and 2001, Ijaz was involved in efforts to broker a ceasefire in Kashmir, the cause of multiple wars between India and Pakistan since independence. He held a series of meetings with senior Indian and Pakistani government officials as well as senior Kashmiri leaders in both Indian and Pakistani-held Kashmir from November 1999 until January 2001, traveling to India secretly on out-of-passport visas. Mansoor Ijaz is a proprietary trader and hedge-fund manager who founded Crescent Investment Management, a New York-based investment firm, in 1990. Crescent operates CARAT, a proprietary trading system developed by Ijaz in the late 1980s based on his graduate research work at MIT. His cousin is the famous Faysal Sohail (first cousin), who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area as a venture-capitalist.

Dr. Mujaddid Ahmed Ijaz Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz

Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz established in 1996 the Lubna Razia Ijaz Scholarship at Virginia Tech that is awarded to students studying Physics. Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz also a well renowned Physicist – an expert in solar physics. Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz received the award for Woman of the Year. Prof. Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz left Virginia Tech and opted for an early retirement from the University to carry out socio-economic upliftment programs for the betterment of the people in Pakistan. Nazir Hussain father of Lubna Razia and his father-in-law Ismael Ijaz were among the 313 followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as). Lubna Razia Ijaz, PhD 80, of Christiansburg, Virginia died on January 8, 2017.

Dr. Ijaz and his family moved in 1972 to the US. He was chairman of the Al Ijaz Trust, a philanthropy registered in Virginia and Islamabad, Pakistan. It provides scholarships for third-world students.


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