Ever since the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s moved to Pakistan, they forced the Pakistani government to grant them permission to travel from Lahore to Qadian via train to attend the Jalsa at Qadian, this was also in concert with the Indian government. The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s seem to be the only minority was given this favor. To be fair, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are not allowed to visit anywhere else but Qadian and must return to Pakistan when the Jalsa is over. But where is the persecution? This arrangement alone proves that there is no Ahmadi persecution, it is a smoke screen for the main operations of the Mirza family.


Qadian, December 27,2018: A Pakistani woman who came to attend the annual Qadian Jalsa, died after a brief illness on Thursday. According to information, the woman named Zeenat Parveen (57), wife of Hamid Ullah was a resident of 1574/2 block C railway society of Shahidra Lahore.

Parveen having passport number BW 3997522 visited Qadian along with her daughter on December 23. After falling ill on December 26, she was admitted to a private hospital where she passed away at around 5 am this morning. The body of the deceased was handed over to the family to be taken to Pakistan through Wagah border this afternoon after necessary legal action.

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