An Ahmadi named Luqman Khan (he is originally from Lahore, now living in the UK) has just released a video wherein he reports how he has sent reports (via faxes) to Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Luqman Khan mentions Rafiq Hayat, President of the entire UK jamaat, he also mentions Shaikh Tariq Sahib (secretary Amoor-e-Aama), Mirza Waqas Ahmad and his local president, Bilal Atkinson (formerly named William Atkinson)(currently serving as president of the Hartlepool Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK). Luqman Khan claims that his faxes and emails have been ignored. Luqman Khan claims that he asked the Khalifa as to why an ahmadi who has committed acts of violence in front of a 2-year old girl, he has breached 226MC652. Luqman Khan claims that this Ahmadi is new to the UK (been here 5 years). He claims that this Ahmadi has breached 3 court orders, committed acts of violence, lying to the police. He claims that all of this happened in Teesside, Durham county. Luqman Khan aka Luqman Qadir seems to own a pizza chop in this area and he was famously on BBC for his charitable work.

Luqman Khan claims that this Ahmadi has been made secretary Talim ul Quran (this was a promotion). Luqman Khan claims that this Ahmadi has done damage to his property, has committed benefit fraud (aka asylum fraud). Luqman Khan claims that why are Ahmadi’s kicked out when they sing at a marriage, however, for criminal fraud, they are not kicked out. Luqman Khan claims that Ahmadi’s are leaving Ahmadiyya at a high rate, however, since the Mirza family doesn’t care.


_________________________________________________________________________________                  Who is Bilal Atkinson?

Bilal Atkinson is Editor of the Christianity Section of The Review of Religions. He is a retired police officer having served in forensics of scenes of crime for over two decades. He is also serving as president of the Hartlepool Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK.

Bilal Atkinson, originally from England, is an Ahmadi Muslim who converted from Christianity. In recent days, horrific attacks have taken place in France, in which so-called-Muslims have targeted Christians. Not only must such attacks be condemned in the strongest of terms, but it must also be made clear that these actions absolutely contradict the teachings of Islam In this article, Bilal Atkinson explores the example of the person who knew Islam best, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), and the manner in which he treated Christians, thereby setting a pristine and everlasting example for all Muslims. Bilal Atkinson also serves as Editor of the Christianity Section for The Review of Religions.

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