As we all know, Mirza Masroor Ahmad was wreckless in 2014 as he quoted a fake report from Ghana-web wherein it was alleged that a Catholic official from the Vatican named Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore claimed that Eisa (As) is never coming back and when he said he was, he was drunk. Masroor even alleged that there were 3 Padres who allegedly said so, however, there is only one, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore. Funny thing is, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore doesn’t even exist.

Nevertheless, as soon as this false report was published, official Catholic Bishops from Ghana refuted the false report. Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu, who works as the President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference, and Bishop of Konongo-Mampong refuted it with precision.

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad accuses Eisa (As) of being drunk when he told the world that he was gonna physically come back


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