This Question-Answer session is from Oct of 2001, it is also on tik tok. Mirza Tahir Ahmad was asked about the Ahmadiyya marketing slogan, “Love For All, Hatred For None”, and how is it possible to love Osama Bin Laden. Mirza Tahir Ahmad says that Osama Bin Laden lived in poverty and sacrificed all the money he had to support Muslims and Islam.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad had this to say about Osama bin Laden on the 12th December 2001:

“May Allah bless him (Osama bin Laden). I personally do not hate him at all, but I pray for his soul, because he has sacrificed, in fact, everything he had. All the money he had he could live like a royal life. He abandoned everything for the sake of, mistaken maybe, but for the sake of the love of Islam”

Source: Mulaqaat with Bengali Ahmadis Recorded on the 12th December 2001

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