The BBC has proved that it hates Muslims and supports the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, they also tweeted it. Muslims in the UK immediately responded. Robert Spencer even responded.

However, the truth is that Sabah Ahmadi married his Christian-White girlfriend and was allowed to be an imam (without formal training, 7 years at Jamia). He regularly spends Christmas with his in-laws and his children are emersed in a christian-qadiani environment. He is regularly being used by the Ahmadiyya Movement as a marketing tool, he dresses extravagently, poses in photo’s with women, and seems to be otherwise unemployed. You can see his website herein. He is married to Melissa Ahmedi, who appears to be much older than Sabah, most likely 10+ years older.

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Robert Carter on Twitter: “Crappy journalism once again by the BBC? Or state sponsored propaganda attacking true Islam? Whatever the reason, a proper “news” site should clarify that Ahmadis/Qadiyanis are NOT considered Muslim by any Islamic leadership of noteworth.” / Twitter

(1) Dilly Hussain on Twitter: “He is an imam of the Ahmadiyya Qadiani cult — no mainstream Muslims, Sunni or Shia, regard them as Muslim because they reject the finality of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Also, the group’s supreme leader was recently involved in a rape scandal.” / Twitter

A British Christmas Day with one of UK’s youngest Imams and his family


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