Murabbi Rizwan Khan’s speech at the 2023 Jalsa US about inferiority complex among some Ahmadi’s saying that some ahmadi’s are so “weak” and “capitulate” and think western people are superior to them when they are trying to be like them or not telling people that they are Ahmadi muslims etc. He was saying when you forget your own culture and language in a way you are thinking that others’ culture and language is superior and we ahmadis shouldn’t do it because we know that our religion is “objectively superior” to all. He was saying all of this while wearing a suit and tie himself, made me think isn’t he himself showing weakness and capitulating to westerners by wearing their dress and not wearing shalwar kameez, sherwani, pagri as our jamaat culture is? It’s easy to criticize others from a podium but not look at your own self sometimes. In fact, MGA spoke down on Muslim’s adopting Christian dress (suit and tie) in 1907 in Haqiqatul Wahy. I’m sure if you asked him to give a lecture to ahmadi women how they shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing burqa in these western countries he will happily do it while he himself is wearing western dress (that was so hated by second caliph mirza mahmood ahmad sahib). Such hypocrisy. The Afghan pakol (which Rizwan is wearing) is derived from the ancient Balkan/Macedonian kausia — so not “Islamic”. The turban originates from ancient Mesopotamians and Sumerians around 2500 BCE — so not “Islamic”, The Turkish hat was popularized in Northern Africa through political movements but also thought to originate in ancient Greece — so not “Islamic”. The achkan and sherwani originated as Mughal Indian dress for upper class nobility — so not “Islamic”. I was told by my murabbi that wearing a tie is akin to wearing a Christian cross. Like Rizwan, that same murabbi also wore a suit and tie whenever Jalsa came around or at every interfaith event. I’ve seen letters from the National Amir instructing people who are elected as delegates to Majlis Shura that, if they are cleanshaven, they must at least have a goatee. Ahmadis became so associated with the trimmed goatee that Pakistanis called it the “Mirzai cut”. In the 1990’s, when the trimmed goatee became popular in the West, I saw non-Ahmadi Pakistanis visit and think everyone had become Ahmadi. Most certainly, I have never found a description of a goatee in any Hadith. The achkan originated as upper class Mughal dress – so also not “Islamic dress”. Someone told me that the achkan originated as the Mughal uniform for eunuchs — I have never seen a reference for that, but if true, would be truly hilarious.

Second Caliph says: (My own translation)

You should keep your dress Islamic. By Islamic dress I mean dress which God’s chosen people wore, like a long coat or dress that makes it easy to do namaz…..Do not acquire European fashion. Instead of coat wear our type of loose overcoat. Instead of pants wear (?) woolen drawers (?) or shalwar that makes praying easy. Hazrat Maseehe Moud really disliked English cap, though its not haram but you have to keep it in mind. So either wear Pagri or use Turkish hat. Pagri is closest to islamic way and Hazrat Maseehe Moud really liked it. These dresses actually make it easy to do tabligh instead of making it more difficult.

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It will be nice for Murabbi sahib to follow this advice and first change his attire to the one that is loved by God’s chosen Caliph before giving other’s lectures on how not to acquire other people’s culture.

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