MGA had some serious issues with Muslims dressing like Christians, MGA hated it. In this specific reference, MGA is lamenting on how young Muslim men, all throughout the Muslim world have began to shave their beards, to grow their mustaches and adopting european ways, MGA claims that this is a curse from Allah, since Muslims continue to reject him. In the meme in the above, which was floating on the internet, we see pictures of different grandsons of MGA, who have shaved or trimmed off their beards and kept thick mustaches. Which is exactly what MGA hated, these grandsons of MGA are also wearing suits and ties and have thus also adopted european clothing.
The online reference in the 2018 english edition

See pages 828-829
“”””O brave young people! May Allah’s mercy be upon you. You are witnessing a great revolution in the world and watching a variety of Signs. The most unfortunate people in this age are the Muslims; their dominion has been snatched away from them and many of them are alienating themselves from the Faith. No calamity descends except upon them, and no misfortune befalls except upon their people; nor is there any innovation but is introduced among them. The world does not present its treasures to them except to dazzle their eyes. We see their youth—they have discarded the lifestyle of the Islamic nation and have obliterated the marks of the sunnah of the Prophet. They shave their beards, take pride in their moustaches and let them grow,
along with dressing like the Christians. They are the unluckiest people under the canopy of the heavens, for whom the earth provides a shelter in this age. They turn away from the grace of Allah whenever it visits them, flee from the mercy of Allah when it comes, and avoid Allah’s
serving table [heavenly food] when it approaches them. They follow other paths. They fear not the heat of the fire and its flames, yet they fear the bitterness of the world. They have traversed the entire path of which Satan did not cover even half; in this way, they have gone beyond the rebellious sneaking whisperer. Among them are some who say they alone are scholars, yet they talk like fools and mislead people without possessing knowledge and guidance. They turn away from the truth which now is so open and self-evident. They bury the Best of the Messengers sa in the earth but raise ‘Isa as to the heavens. That, indeed, is an unfair division!”””
Comments by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad in 1945

He writes how Ahmadiyya youth have totally abandoned the beard.
Mishal e Rah pg 338-339
Juld awwal (volume 1)


The 4th Khalifa, on 5-4-1998 was in Germany at the Ansarullah Ijtema and yelled at the organizers for having Ahmadi’s do tilawat and not have a beard (see page 10). 
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