Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was accused of changing the Kalima based on his new prophethood just a few days before he died, in fact, in Mahmud Ahmad’s, “Truth about the Split”, page 25-26 (online english edition), MGA is quoted as he rebuts a Hindu newspaper that accused him of changing the Kalima, the quotation is in the below. However, by 1915, MGA’s only college educated son, Mirza Bashir Ahmad was asserting that MGA was included in the islamic Kalima. He wrote that since all the prophets were inferred into the name Muhammad (saw) in the Kalima, so was MGA’s. In 1923, the same person, Mirza Bashir Ahmad archived in a story in the famous Seeratul Mahdi that MGA did in fact have his own Kalima. After 1923, we never heard of these arguments ever again. In 1941, the second edition of Kalimatal Fasl seems to have been published. _____________________________________________________________________________________________1915
Kalimatal Fasl p.158 by Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Mirza Bashir Ahmad, who was the only college-educated child of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote in 1915 as follows:

“With the coming of Promised Messiah one difference (in the meaning of Kalima) has occurred and that is that before the advent of Promised Messiah, in the meaning of ‘Mohammad ur Rasoolullah’ only prophets of bygone days were included, but with the advent of Promised Messiah, one more prophet has been added to the meaning of Mohammad ur Rasoolullah … thus to enter in Islam it is still the same Kalima, the only difference is that the advent of Promised Messiah has added one more prophet to its meaning…we don’t need a new Kalima, because Promised Messiah is nothing separate from Holy Prophet, as he says: ‘saara wujoodi wujoodahoo (my person became his person)’ and ‘he who differentiates between me and Mustafa has not seen me and not recognised me’ … thus Promised Messiah is Mohammad Rasoolullah himself who has come again in this world to spread Islam, therefore we do not need any new Kalima. Yes if someone else had come then we may have required it — thus think all of you.”
Truth about the Split, page 25-26, 1921

“In the Akhbar-e-‘Am of the 23rd May, 1908, in the second line of the first column, it has been reported about me, that at the dinner I pronounced a denial of my prophethood. In reference to the same, it should be known that in that meeting what I said was simply this, that I had all along been informing the public through all my writings and declare even now that the accusation, brought against me, is entirely unfounded, namely that I claim prophethood of a kind which entails severance of all my connection with Islam, which in other words means that I claim for myself a substantive prophethood such as leaves no need for me to follow the Holy Quran and introduces a new Kalima (formula of creed) and a new Qibla (direction to which to turn our face in prayer) and abrogates the laws of Islam and ignores the authority and example of the Holy Prophet.”
A quote from Seeratul Mahdi
Seerat-ul-Mahdi vol 1 part 3 page 824, narration 974

”Doctor Mir Muhammad Ismail Sahib narrated to me as, the first Khalifa tul Masih used to say, every Prophet has a kalima and Mirza’s kalima was”میں دین کو دنیا پر مقدم رکھوں گا”(i will precedence Deen on Duniya).

The scan work

1960’s, Malfuzat, Vol. 5, page 141, published from Rabwah

Listen to Syed Dr. Holy Spirit explain this quote herein (at the 16:53 mark). MGA says that writing the Kalima means nothing. MGA says that saying the Kalima loudly benefits no one.


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