In December of 1923, the first ever edition of Seeratul Mahdi in Urdu was published from British-India (see page 9). We have found 2 volumes of this, vol-2 seems to have been published in 1927. We have posted Vol. 1 and 2 of the 1923 edition in the below. We have also posted a scan of the cover page of the 1923 edition of Seeratul Mahdi.

From 1923-1927 to the new edition of 1935, there were many edits. One major edit was where MGA had his diarrhea, in the 1923 edition, Nusrat Jehan told the world that MGA did diarrhea right next to his own bed and on the floor. MGA didn’t wash his self or his hands and continued to lay next to his wife. In the 1935 edition, Nusrat Jehan’s comments were edited to make the reader think that Nusrat Jehan “made arrangements” next to MGA’s bed wherein MGA spewed his diarrhea. You can also listen to Zia Rasul from the Aaqa Ka Ghulam youtube channel explaining this entire issue herein, at the 24:00 minute time mark). We have shortened Zia Rasul’s testimony and posted it here on tik tok.

The newest edition seems to be from 2008.
1923 Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 1 cover page and page 9

1923 Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 1

On the cover page it is written that this book was published from the house of Fakhr-uddin Multani, he owned some type of printing press. The 1935 edition was also published from here. In 1937, he was murdered in broad day light in Qadian on a Friday, right after Friday prayers.



(11) In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Hazrat Walida Sahiba narrated to me that in the Promised Messiah’s last sickness, he got sick and she developed anxiety over his critical condition and said, “O God! What is happening?” Upon hearing this, Hazrat Sahib said, “This is that which I used to tell you about.” Yours humbly submits that the Promised Messiah was completely fine on May 25, 1908 on Monday evening. After the Isha prayer at night, yours humbly entered the home from outside and saw that Walida Sahiba was sitting on the bed with him and eating. I went to my bed and fell asleep. During the first part of the night, near morning, I was woken up or maybe I myself woke up due to the noise of people walking by and speaking. Then what I saw was that the Promised messiah is very sick due to the sickness of diarrhoea and the situation is very critical. The people providing him remedy and others were walking and walking here and there. When my eyes first laid on the Promised Messiah, my heart sank because I never saw him in such a state and understood that this was the sickness of death. Then Hazrat Sahib’s pulse was checked and his pulse had been rendered to be gone. A complete silence broke out as everyone thought that he had died but his pulse came back but he was still in critical condition. Then when there was enough light from the morning, the bed of Hazrat Sahib was taken from the courtyard into the room. Hazrat Sahib asked if it was the time for prayer and most likely Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sahib Qadiani replied in the affirmative. Hazrat Sahib tried to pray on his bed lying down but fell unconscious without completing his prayer. Then he gained consciousness and asked again if it was the time for morning prayer and he was replied to saying, “Yes, it is, your holiness”. He then started the intention for prayer but I do not recall whether he was able to complete the prayer or not. At this time he was in a state of extreme anxiety. It was approximately around eight or eight thirty and the doctor asked Hazrat Sahib if he had a special pain somewhere but he could not answer. A pen and paper were supplied to him and he sat up a bit and leaned on his left hand and attempted to write something but was only able to write a few words and then the pen slipped on the paper and he lied down. The words that he wrote were among his final writing and were probably something about his pain in his tongue and then the rest could not be interpreted. The writing was given to Walida Sahiba. After nine o’clock Hazrat Sahib’s condition became more critical and he started gargling but it was not gargling with noise, rather he would take very long breaths. Yours humbly submits that at that time I was standing next to his pillow. Looking at this condition, Walida Sahiba who was in the other room was called along with women from the family and they were made to sit down on the floor next to the charpoy of Hazrat Sahib. At that time, Dr. Muhammad Hussain Shah Sahib Lahori gave the Promised Messiah an injection of medicine on his chest close to his nipple which caused some swelling but pain was not felt. This made some friends upset that why should he be given pain in this circumstance. After a little while, the process of gargling started with long pauses in between breaths until Hazrat Sahib took one last long breath and returned to the Most High Friend. May Allah send peace and blessings upon the one who was obedient to Muhammad!

Yours humbly submits that when I had my story attested by Hazrat Walida Sahiba, she added, “The Promised Messiah had his first bowel movement of diarrhea after eating and then we massaged him until he slept and then I slept too. He got up again once or twice to relieve himself and when his weakness built up, he woke me up and laid down on my charpoy and I sat and massaged him there. He told me to go to sleep but I replied that I will not and continued to massage him. At the same time, he had another rush of diarrhea, however, he was so weak, he couldn’t make it to the poop area (bathroom), that’s why, he sat next to his (on the floor) bed and completed the (rush of diarrhea), he then got up and laid down. (Urdu transliteration: Itne mein aap ko ek aur dast aya magar aap ko is qadar zof tha ke aap pakhana na ja sakte the is liye charpai ke pas hi beht kar aap farigh huway aur phir uth kar let gaye). Then I lied down and kept massaging his legs but his weakness increased. He then had another bowel movement and vomited, then as he was finishing his vomit and lying down, he fell on his buttocksonto the charpoy and hit his head onto the wood and the situation became a total disaster.” Upon witnessing this, Walida Sahiba exclaimed, “O God what is happening?” and the Promised Messiah responded saying, “This is what I used to tell you about.” Yours humbly asked Walida Sahiba if this was his desire and she replied in the affirmative. When she noticed that Hazrat Sahib had become very weak, she asked him if she should call Mawlavi Sahib (Hazrat Mawlavi Hakim Nooruddin) and he replied in the affirmative. Moreover, he requested that Mahmood also be summoned. Walida Sahiba then asked if she should call Nawab Muhammadi Ali Khan Sahib but she did not recall whether Hazrat Sahib replied and if he replied, then what he said. 

Yours humbly submits that in the holy Hadith, in the Holy Prophet PBUH’s sickness of death, he also had an extreme state of pain, discomfort and anxiety. It is apparent that the untimely death of the Promised Messiah was just like that and it might seem strange for unaware people because people generally think that Sufis and saints die in peace easily. However, in reality when prophets are dying, they are worried about their responsibilities and the future if their ummah are always on their minds. Everyone has to return to their Lord but prophets know that they must meet their Beloved and face Him regarding their great responsibilities of their ummah. That is why they suffer from the thought of their ummah’s future upon their deaths. Sufis and saints do not have such responsibilities 

and only have to deal with their own selves, but prophets have the burden of thousands of lakhs of crores of peoples; the difference is apparent. 

1927, Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 2

1927, vol-2, Seeratul Mahdi

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