In December of 1923, the first ever edition of Seeratul Mahdi in Urdu was published from British-India (see page 9). We have found 2 volumes of this, vol-2 seems to have been published in 1927. We have posted Vol. 1 and 2 of the 1923 edition in the below. We have also posted a scan of the cover page of the 1923 edition of Seeratul Mahdi.

From 1923-1927 to the new edition of 1935, there were many edits. One major edit was where MGA had his diarrhea, in the 1923 edition, Nusrat Jehan told the world that MGA did diarrhea right next to his own bed and on the floor. MGA didn’t wash his self or his hands and continued to lay next to his wife. In the 1935 edition, Nusrat Jehan’s comments were edited to make the reader think that Nusrat Jehan “made arrangements” next to MGA’s bed wherein MGA spewed his diarrhea. You can also listen to Zia Rasul from the Aaqa Ka Ghulam youtube channel explaining this entire issue herein, at the 24:00 minute time mark). We have shortened Zia Rasul’s testimony and posted it here on tik tok.

The newest edition seems to be from 2008.
1923 Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 1 cover page and page 9

1923 Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 1

On the cover page it is written that this book was published from the house of Fakhr-uddin Multani, he owned some type of printing press. The 1935 edition was also published from here. In 1937, he was murdered in broad day light in Qadian on a Friday, right after Friday prayers.

1927, Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 2

1927, vol-2, Seeratul Mahdi

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