I was under the impression that MGA deviated from Islam in 1891, upon his claim of being the long awaited Messiah.  However, new research work has proven that MGA began denying some of the basics of Islam in the mid-1880’s.

The Quote
1895 in Arya Dharam:

Urdu Transliteration—-“”””jasay Hazrat Hawa Hazrat Adam ki pasli sa nikali gae aisay he har yak larkay ki joroo us ki pasli sa nikali gae ho””””

“””Just like Hazrat Hawa was created by rib of Hazrat Adam same as each boy’s wife was created from his rib.( rk vol 10 Aariya Darham page 39)”””


MGA and Noorudin were conspiring together to create a religious business as early as 1882. They seem to have slowly changed their beliefs about Islam without giving proper announcements.  It is likely that Sir Syed also denied the “RIB” story and MGA simply stole the new argument and passed it off as his own.  In fact, all the abrahamic religions have this in common.  They all believe that women were made from the rib of a man.