Most Ahmadis are robots.  They never use their own brains and double check the data that their Mullahs feed them.    They simply repeat the “few” arguments that they have memorized and don’t care if anyone has a response or not.  They then move on to the next group of people who are unaware of Ahmadiyya and restart their marketing.

In this particular situation, Kashif Chaudhry is one of the “super-brainwashed” Ahmadis, and he has a death-wish.  Ironically, the guy has never gotten into any fist-fights in his life, nor has he ever worked a manual labor job for any extended duration, he is a soft-guy and would probably run if he ever had to fight.  In fact, most Ahmadi-men are like this, their bodies and soft and incapable of hard-work or any sports that would require muscle. Instead, they lived the life of “rabwah” where most young men are unemployed and simply hang out all day with nothing to do, other then surf the internet at those “Internet-cafe’s”.  And most of these rich-kids dont even pay for their education, in Kashif’s case, it is chanda-dollars that eventually pay for the education of the off-spring of Ahmadi mullahs.

Kashif was a troll.  He used the word psuedonym.  However, this is just the academic way to call yourself a troll-piece.  Kashif went around the internet looking for Muslims to engage, and I’m sure he is still using his “troll-account” as he harrasses countless of his country men.

Kashif will never double check Ahmadiyya
I have tried to talk to this clown.  Ahmadis don’t want dialogue, they want to cry persecution to the UN, NAFTA, NATO and everyone else who is willing to listen.  They don’t want an honest conversation??  Why???