Mirza Tahir Ahmad was the 4th Khalifa of Ahmadis, from 1982 to 2003. Mirza Tahir Ahmad radicalized Ahmadi’s as soon as he came to power (1982).

He sucked Ahmadis dry. He didn’t even care, he had no decency in him. He wanted Ahmadis to cut the stomachs of their wives and their children in terms of saving money and giving it to him. In the video posted, he explains how Ahmadis will do anything to serve the Mirza family, they don’t care about their children, they don’t care about their wives, Ahmadis only live their life to serve the Mirza family.
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Ahmadis are taught to treat their children and wives as lower then human beings as they curtail all of their costs and give more and more money to the Mirza family. My father did exactly that, he was a lazy and lethargic man who hated working. He thus worked his male children into the ground and gave all the money to the Mirza family.
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