Ahmadis are embroiled in politics, since 1889, and even before. They have always lobbied governments and kissed up to politicians as they seek political gain (see the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus). They aligned themselves with the Obama administration from 2008-2016, they had their resident fraudster, Kareem Ahmad, donate 1 million dollars to the Obama campaign, he was dubbed as the Muslim-mega donor. Kareem Ahmad and Ahmadiyya leadership were given access to the white house, an Ahmadiyya caucus and many other back-door perks. With Ahmadiyya it never ends, they are a non-stop marketing and political machine. As we all know, Ahmadiyya leadership hates Pakistan after 1974, since Ahmadis aren’t favored anymore, and Ahmadiyya leadership is outwardly and pouting. However, the real story is that they purposely got themselves declared non-Muslim in 1974 and they wanted Ord-XX to come into existence in 1984. Ahmadiyya leadership operates covertly, like the CIA and US government.


It seems that Ahmadiyya leadership has been talking to the Trump Administration and were able to secure a statement by the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerman.  The video is below:

The Irony

The US govt has treated minorities in America terribly since its inception, they have no right to criticize any other country. However, they dont care, and Ahmadis dont care.
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