On May 29th-1974, 400-500 Ahmadis were laying in wait at the Rabwah Train Station, they had calculated and planned a terrorist attack (see Charles Kennedy, pages 90-91), they were supposed to ambush a certain rail-car wherein there was 500+ teenagers from the Nishtar Medical College in Multan. The attack was a success, the train was stopped for 1-full hour as Ahmadis mercilessly beat teenagers to a bloody pulp, (this entire youtube channel seems to have been deleted, Ahmadiyya leadership may have gotten this entire channel banned).   however, they were careful not to kill anyone. The train station operator was an Ahmadi and he deliberately stopped the train until all the terrorist-Ahmadis had safely dispersed. This became a national incident, and as the train approached Faisalabad, Muslims had gathered to collect their injured brethren. The scene was shocking…..19 students were immediately hospitalized.

Rioting broke out almost immediately, all schools in the Punjab were closed on June 1st, 1974, this was the first national incident of terrorism under the new constitution of Pakistan. The average Pakistani was shaken to his/her core. The story of Ahmadis had been decided by the Govt in 1954, they were Muslims, per the Govt, they had every right to exist, in fact, from 1955-May 1974, it was the most peaceful era of Ahmadiyya history in Pakistan. There were barely any attacks on Ahmadis, the Chief Scientist was an Ahmadi, the Economic minister had been an Ahmadi…2 out of 3 military generals were Ahmadi, Pakistan was a pro-Ahmadi country in every single way and for 20+ years. In fact, in the 1970 election, Ahmadis were ordered to vote for Bhutto and Bhutto even visited Rabwah during his campaigning.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Death Toll

The rioting went on for days and days, it was a bad time to be an Ahmadi. 42 deaths occurred, 15 Muslims and 27 Ahmadis, Kennedy gives this number and he references various newspapers and personal interviews. It is interesting to note that 15 Muslims died, however, the circumstances are not given. Where were they killed and by whom?

Within 2 weeks of the Rabwah-attack….Bhutto had stopped all killings of Ahmadis, and had an organized a commission to investigate Rabwah, it was called the Samdani commission. This stopped all violence on Ahmadis and Mirza Nasir Ahmad was invited to present the Ahmadiyya position to the top leaders of Pakistan, as they deliberated on whether or not to declare Ahmadis as a Non-Muslim minority. The Samdani commission results were never published and most likely per the request of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, he also requested that the entire National Assembly hearings be kept secret.

Where were Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Mirza Tahir Ahmad and Mirza Masroor Ahmad?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad was the Khalifa, he knew that just a week earlier, the boys from Nishtar Medical College had stopped in at Rabwah and shouted slogans from the station. He knew that they were returning and that they had promised to do the same. Ahmad Kareem Shaikh, who has been a longtime “Ahmadiyya-Awareness” soldier and Ex-Ahmadi, he also testifies that Ahmadis had planned the attack. Moreover, this Ahmadi tells us also that this entire attack was planned and calculated by the Ahmadiyya leadership, in an attempt to get mass immigration visas.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________They are missing from the scene

Mirza Nasir Ahmad claims that he was not in Rabwah on May 29th, 1974. The Khalifa claims to have been 12 miles away at his lands.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Where were they?

Mirza Masroor Ahmad was 24 years old, he grew up with the first-ever generation of Ahmadis in Rabwah. He had lived his entire life there, he knew everybody in town, he will never explain his whereabouts since it will prove his involvement, the same scenario exists for his uncles.
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