Ahmadis have been working the Canadian govt. for years and years in terms of asylum and other political topics that benefit the Ahmadiyya movement. As we all know, there have been less than 100 converts to Ahmadiyya in Canada from “white” Canadians” a similar number exists in America in the past 40 years. In fact, Afzal Upal recently wrote about this very topic as he exposed how Ahmadi-mullahs lie to Ahmadis in Pakistan about their growth in the West. Thus, Ahmadiyya relies heavily on the persecution card as it continues to funnel Ahmadis out of Pakistan and to the West, since this is the only way for Ahmadiyya to achieve growth. Further, in 1947, the Ahmadiyya movement colluded with the British govt. and helped them create a buffer state, i.e. Pakistan. They were then rewarded, they were given Rabwah as a headquarters wherein there would be zero govt. interference. It is important to note, Qadian was not like this, even by 1947, Qadian was mostly a Hindu/Sikh town and Ahmadis werent in-control of the entire city. Nonetheless, Rabwah was given to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and his twisted-utopia was created, wherein he was the King.

Dr. Aslam Daud is on the board of directors for the Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace building non-profit corporation.
An Ahmadiyya-only building with Canadian governments money

The building from the picture is an Ahmadiyya-only area. They have created another Rabwah.  They get money from the Canadian govt. and then make rent very cheap for the Ahmadis who move to Canada on Asylum. However, the adhan is blasted over the loud-speakers 5 times per day, women are not allowed freedoms that are allowed in 99% of Canada and the Ahmadi-mullahs make sure that they get there CHANDA.

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