I have written in many essays that Ahmadiyya leadership aka the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-Muslim in 1974.  As we all know, Ahmadis were basically declared as Muslim in 1954, since the govt. of Pakistan observed that there is no clear definition of a “Muslim” in the Quran or any hadith.  All definitions from the hadith were found to be “confusing” and “unclear”.  The truth is….every hadith report has a context, and that context is rarely ever discussed, most people, especially Ahmadis, they use hadith and “create-a-context”, and then present their queer views.

Masroor’s Friday sermon today
In his friday sermon of today, he mentioned how in Algeria, Ahmadis were worried about marketing aka Tabligh and they wondered in terms of how they would create a “marketing-plan” that would be effective.  Then, all of a sudden, the govt. banned Ahmadiyya, this was the press that they needed…..this was the press that they were seeking, aka free press.

Masroor loves persecution
In his Khutbah, Masroor goes on to say that persecution is a blessing, in fact, the title of the sermon is “”Ahmadiyya Persecution – A Sign of Truth””.  This isn’t new, MGA and his sons have been radicalizing Ahmadis to be “suicidal” since 1889.  Most Ahmadi’s are willing to kill their children for Ahmadiyya, especially in Pakistan.

Its all a lie…..Ahmadis live well in Pakistan, in Rabwah, they have full police protection, there are rarely any incidents, plus, the Chenab Nagar police are paid off by Ahmadiyya leaders.

Lahori-Ahmadis should not have been declared non-Muslim in 1974
This is the proof that Mirza Nasir Ahmad worked in collusion with Bhutto to get himself declared as non-Muslim.  Lahori-Ahmadis dont believe that MGA was a prophet, so why were they declared non-Muslim in 1974?  It makes no sense…the only logical conclusion is that they were purposely declared non-Muslim per the request of Mirza Nasir Ahmad.  Further, even the famous cleric Maudoodi had written that Lahoris were Muslim.

We need a class-action lawsuit from the UK wherein the Mirza family is arrested and forced to pay reparations to all of the families that it stole money from.  And Mirza Masroor Ahmad should be arrested and made to do manual labor for the rest of his life.