This is an essay from 1911, before the prophethood of MGA was understood by Ahmadis.


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Page 288

“Who can then breathe life into this dead world of ours?  Who can bring back to this earth the faith that has departed from it?  The mere preaching of a book will not do.  None but a prophet can regenerate this earth.  Prophets have breathed life into dead humanity in the past and if the world is to be regenerated now, it must be regenerated by a prophet.  That prophet has already appeared.  It was Ahmad of Qadian……….”

On page 290

“In short, the present condition of Christendom called for a prophet.  The world was so sunk in error and vice that none but a prophet could regerate it.  It has even been a law of God to raise a prophet when vice and error have corrupted the world and it was in accordance with that law that He raised Ahmad in the present ages.  The very fact that the present age sorely needed a prophet is an evidence of his truth.  God spoke to him as He spoke to…………..”

On page 291

“…so God raised a prophet in this age…..”

The final paragraph of this article says:

“lastly Muhammad….”