A series of articles appeared in the Review of Religions of 1913-1914 entitled, “Ahmad as a Prophet”, they continued even after the split. In fact, interestingly enough in early 1914, Muhammad Ali, who was editor of the ROR in those days (while he was writing his commentary on the Quran, Sher Ali took over as editor), he added an asterisks before the word *Prophet and thus made it seem like Prophet was being used figuratively only. Nonetheless, in the below I have reproduced a few quotations for my readership.


“From his revelations published in his Will our minds travelled to his other revelations and visions which also spoke of his approaching death.  These visions and revelations not only announced the sad catastrophe that was about to put an end to the career of the prophet, but also gave undreamt of particulars and details.”

Page 153


“Ahmad was no exception to the general law which applied to all the great prophets of God” Page 155
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Ahmad as a Prophet, April 1913

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