This case was eventually settled out of court in 2020, however, it started in 2017. The lawsuit had to do with an Ahmadi-only community that violates housing discrimination laws in America. Ironically, in the lawsuit, Gemcraft Homes admitted to selling 22 homes specifically to Ahmadi only people, and thus they have admitted to housing discrimination. Robert Spencer has made a video also. Nevertheless, retirement communities of this nature are allowed all throughout the USA.

Gemcraft Homes had sued the city of Joppa, Maryland, Harford County Executive, Miss Lambert-the county-attorney, State-delegate Pat McDonna, State Delegate Rick Impallaria, the county executive–Mr. Billy Bonaface and the head of the planning department of Harford County (watch this video from 2017). These officials from the Joppa area didn’t realize that the Ahmadiyya Movement in-concert with Gemcraft Homes were creating a retirement community for Ahmadi’s.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The people of Joppatown don’t know about Ahmadiyya and their “peace-village” in Canada

Most people don’t have a perfect understanding of Ahmadiyya, since NO ONE has 10 years to waste in researching Ahmadiyya. Since I am an ex-Ahmadi, I researched/research Ahmadiyya until they will be shut down. Nonetheless, the people of Joppa Town have no idea that Ahmadiyya INC has already created “Ahmadi-only” housing in Canada, through collusion with politicians in Canada, thus, we are sure now that Ahmadiyya is seeking to do the same now in America.

Check out these videos:

Ahmadiyya leadership was seeking to intimidate and scare State Delegate Rick Impallaria

In the video, State Delegate Rick Impallaria tells the public that he feels that Ahmadiyya leadership only added him to the lawsuit in an attempt to intimidate the people of Harford County and all county officials.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Faheem Younus is the President of the Maryland-Ahmadiyya-Community

Faheem Younus, who has helped the Ahmadiyya movement since he came to the USa since 1996, is the speaker on the Ahmadiyya behalf, he lies and tells tall tales all throughout his opportunity to speak. He starts off by crying how he was escaping religious persecution and came to America in 1996, he also says that it isnt his business to come and talk to people as such, he’s rather be home with his children, however, this is a lie, he is a President in the Ahmadiyya system and speaks on behalf of Ahmadiyya all the time. Further, he admits that he was the brainchild of this entire “building” project and how he had promised his uncle, who came to the USA in the 1960’s that he would build him a retirement community. Moreover, all of his comments are lies.

Watch the full video here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Faheem Younus lies about the Community Center at the center of the development

Instead of calling is a mosque, Ahmadis are calling it a community center, however, this is a lie, it will be an ahmadi mosque, not a community center.

Faheem Younus lies about the website

The Discussion shifted to information about a certain website that Ahmadiyya leadership had made. Faheem Younus admits that there was data on the website that was wrong and the entire website was taken down. Faheem Younus blames an intern for incorrectly copying and pasting the wrong data onto a website for Ahmadiyya in terms of these townhomes. However, a speaker stood up and said that he wasn’t buying the alibi of Ahmadis.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________What did the website say?

“””The complex was being advertised as a “mini-peace village” for Ahmadi Muslims, and members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community who are 55 or older were to be given priority in purchasing houses, according to the Majlis Ansarullah USA website. However, photos and information about the “Ansar Housing Complex” have since been removed.“”  See here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The sales of these townhomes wasnt advertised on normal channels

Real estate agent Gina Pimentel filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development last month, claiming she couldn’t get information about the River Run units because Younus was “unlawfully privately marketing and selling only to Ahmadi Muslims.”

And its true…Ahmadiyya leadership didnt allow for these homes to go on the public market, hence, they are guilty of housing discrimination.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Faheem Younus initially denied knowing about the lawsuit

As you will see in the video, Faheem Younus had initially denied knowing anything about the lawsuit, however, when he saw the paperwork, he changed his attitude.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mansoor Shams, the guy who markets himself as the Muslim Marine was also there

Ahmadiyya leadership sent in Mansoor Shams, as the guy who could get sympathy for the Ahmadiyya cause, he spoke up during Q&A, however, he said nothing of substance, he only accused the gathering of racial discrimination and talked about his enlistment as a U.S. Marine, thus proving that he is using his military service as marketing for the Ahmadiyya Movement.  He further admits to being a business owner, with 20+ employees, however, he forgets to mention that he employs Ahmadis over all other people and thus discriminates upon hiring.
The Ahmadi Mullah Imam-Dibba was also there

Ahmadi Imam Dibba, runs from a discussion on Ahmadiyya, contrary to his marketing statement, Coffee, Cake and True Islam


The Ahmadiyya Muslim community wanted a place for their elders (from all over the country) to retire in peace. After an exhaustive, nation-wide search, they decided to create a community (open to people of other religions) right here in District 7. Upon meeting some of their community members last year, I learned it was their firm, evidence-based belief, they were being discriminated against. So disappointed, I began advocating with them. Reaching out to a number of our representatives and only hearing back from one, who referred me to his lawyer.

Well, the results are in (“Harford ordered to release permits for houses in Joppatowne subdivision disputed as ‘Muslim community,’” June 23). The federal judge is quoted in this article saying, “the project had received ‘more scrutiny from the county than other projects as a result of the concern and pressure from some county residents because the prospective purchasers were Muslim.'” Fear of the unknown is understandable, but it is my great hope that as a community, here in Harford County, we can move past it. Instead, I hope we choose to be curious and kind.

As a Jewish person, I know what it is to be feared — even hated — for something that is simply a part of me and is of no danger to anyone. It’s a horrible thing I would wish upon no one. I am delighted to see the building of the Muslim-centered community proceeding. (I say “centered,” because they have stated all people meeting the age requirement would be welcome, but — as is the case with developments associated with many other faiths — it is primarily meant for Ahmadiyya Muslim elders.)

In addition to the humanitarian reason of simply being good, welcoming, community members (as any of us would wish for our own families), I would also remind my fellow District 7 residents of the financial ramifications. The federal judge was further quoted in this article noting that “the county will receive thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in much needed valuable tax revenue, as well as additional law-abiding residents.”

I am thrilled that the development is moving forward and can’t wait to welcome the elders as my neighbors.

Allison Berkowitz, Bel Air

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Harford County settles suit over anti-Muslim bias in Joppatowne development

"Our elders are the ones who are interested in buying houses that are on sale," Imam Abdullah Dibba told FOX45 in 2017.
“Our elders are the ones who are interested in buying houses that are on sale,” Imam Abdullah Dibba told FOX45 in 2017.
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JOPPATOWNE, Md. (WBFF) – Harford County government announced a settlement in a lawsuit over a proposed development in Joppatowne by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

The settlement means “the development may now move forward if the requirements of the Harford County Code are met,” according to a statement.

The development sparked protests and controversy, and the county was ultimately sued for anti-Muslim bias.

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County Executive Barry Glassman has issued the following statement:

“Harford County is pleased that we were able to settle the litigation and find a path forward for the Old Trails Subdivision. We welcome members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and other residents of Old Trails to Harford County. We look forward to having them as neighbors and to the positive contributions they will make to our community, making Harford County an even better place to live. Harford County is proud to welcome people of all faiths, including our friends in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.”

The settlement was funded by insurance proceeds, not taxpayer funds, noted the county.

The county’s out-of-pocket cost was a $300,000 insurance deductible to mount its legal defense.


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullah:

Two homes have become available at the Ansar Housing Complex in Joppa, MD.

One home is Magnolia (waterfront) while the second is Cypress (larger but across the street from the water). The homes are priced in the range of $449,000 – $453,000.

These homes are located within five minute walk to a community center where five daily prayers will be offered. The community center is more than 50% constructed and is expected to be completed by September-October 2022.

These two homes have over 2500 square feet of living space each, including 3+ bedrooms (with provision for a 4th bedroom/den), 2+ full bathrooms, Storage area, Great Room, Loft, 2 car garage. Home has an upgraded elevation with other upgrades in the Kitchen area and bathrooms.

Interested buyers need to contact Khurram Bashir at (240) 215-7567 or email at


Ansar Housing Complex
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