You will find a fanatical Ahmadi running around the internet promoting Ahmadiyya, his name is Mansoor Shams. he seems to have been in the US Military roughly 98–2004, however, he was admin, he never deployed and never saw any combat action. Nowadays, he sells his military service as a marketing chip for Ahmadiyya. He works in an Ahmadiyya-only-owned company and discriminates against people in terms of hiring, i.e., he only hires Ahmadis. He has also created a website and goes out and holds a sign which says, “Meet a Muslim”. However, he barely knows anything about Islam or Ahmadiyya, he is a amateur. Instead, of spending his time researching Ahmadiyya and Islam, he spends his time working for free for the Ahmadiyya movement. His maternal grand-father is Bashir Shad, who seems to have worked in Africa as a murrabi.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why is he fanatical?

He came to the US at roughly age 5-6. He was potty trained in Pakistan as well as indoctrinated. His parents were most likely part of the asylum surge in Ahmadiyya which happened in 1984, in terms of Ord-XX. 
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Ahmadiyya only company


Eye Deal Systems
 – Present (6 years 10 months)Baltimore, Maryland Area

Eye Deal Systems, LLC specializes in the distribution of technology products, consumer electronics, while offering business and information technology solutions to clients both domestically and globally. Services and popular manufacturer products for business operations are provided with an emphasis on a great customer experience, operating responsibly, and executing every order placed with the quickest turnaround. Clients are treated with the highest quality and best value in all deliverables.

Eye Deal Systems is small and agile, allowing customers to be provided with the respect and dedicated attention that they deserve. We go to great lengths to procure the goods and services our consumers desire at unrivaled rates. We think like you, the consumer, to ensure the best and the latest in technology solutions.

Eye Deal Systems in a privately owned partnership.
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