Ahmadis are at it again, wherever they go, they want their own city, county, state and eventually their own country.  Ahmadis are instigated by by their vicious mullahs, who are held by the Mirza family under the threat of ruining their lives if they ever quit Ahmadiyya.  In fact, the Ahmadi Mullah is forced to sign a contract when they join up as a Mullah to the effect that they will never ask for anything in return for their work (See Upal, 2017).  Ahmadiyya leadership is always looking to build another “rabwah”.  Rabwah was a city that given to the Ahmadiyya community in 1948 by the Pakistan govt., it was basically another Vatican.  Ahmadiyya leadership was given a major opportunity to sell land to its members on a 99-year lease, which expires in 2048.  The Mirza family eventually made millions out of this deal.  Ahmadiyya leadership has created “peace-village” in Canada and is always working to build “Ahmadi-only” communities, wherein they can brainwash Ahmadi children and develop a workforce as well as generate non-profit monies to operate and etc.

An article in the washington post about this illegal development

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