We have come across this interesting book on the life of and times of Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, the famous Ahmadi who was given high positions by the British Government, from British-India to Pakistan, to the UN. He helped Ahmadiyya along the way also, and the British knew about it.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His father

Chaudhry Nasrullah Khan (died on September 2, 1926), he was also a lawyer.
His brothers

See page 36

—Abdullah Khan (see page 37)
—Shukrullah Khan (younger than Zaf Khan)
—Hamidullah Khan (died at age 9)see page 294
—Chaudhry Asadullah Khan (also a lawyer)(younger than Zaf Khan)

—one sister (see page 37)

His children?

He leaves behind one daughter, Begum Hamid Nasrullah, married to his nephew, Ch. Hamid Nasrullah Khan, a well known figure in business and social circles of Lahore, along with four grandsons and one granddaughter.

—-“”””all 3 of his (zafarullah’s) marriages failed. His second wife married to shahnawaz (billionaire ) who again divorced her after some time. Zafarullah before his death shifted to his second wife`s house but his ex-wife does not use to sit with zafarullah at lunch/dinner, even once zafrullah had requested her. His daughter is quoted to say that Before death zafarullah didnot spoke a word and on request of her daughter to speak said following words before his death. The words were ” DARLING THE CENTURY IS OVER “.  “””

—– (zafarullah) divorced all his 3 wives ,His first marraige was from his own village and his father was angry with him to not to have good relations with first wife. After the death of his father he had gone for 2nd marriage .His second marriage was with “badr” and from her only one daughter “Ummat hayyee” was born Last of his marraige was with Palestenian young lady “bushra “. Her ex boy friend also took his pistol out on zafarullah once. (although about last line no refernce is written ). Zafrullah was alone in the last days of his life except for his daughter , who use to take care of him.

—- He played pivotal role in getting adjusted many mirzaiya in our judiciary, PAEC, Foreign Ministry and Pakistan Ambassadors to other countries, Pak Army and PAF. Munir Ahmad Khan a mirzaiya who headed PAEC for decades for nothing.
1965 war Operation Gibralter designed by Major Abdul Ali Malik and his brother Akhtar Malik both were mirzaiya. Pakistan Armoured Division was in their command to conquer Chamb Jorian and Lahore was vacant for Indians. We had less than required Armoured Platoons in Lahore for Defence in 1965 war.

—-Zafarullah also recruited so many of his relatives at key positions in Qadyani jammat & foreign office. Although for position of “Amir” the limitation was 3 years for big cities. but he got one of his relatives appointed as amir for 26 years (chaudry ahamed mukhtar ) he took funds from muslim countries in name of : islamic fund” and gave to “family of Mirza”, he donated all his property to the cult before his death.

—–He came on Wheel chairs on his last journey to pakistan. His younger brother also died of Stroke (asad ullah khan)

—-Zafrullah khan kept asking his daughter to get her mother (Zaf’s ex wife) out of her home but she refused to do so. When at old age on wheel chair he was kicked out of Europe he had to reside at his daughter’s home in Pakistan. One day when he requested his ex wife to join him on the dining table she refused sit with a person like him.

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