Ahmadi’s are quitting the cult every single day, for many different reasons.  Here is another example.  This podcast is conducted by Harris Sultan.

Some notes
—She never prayed as an Ahmadi, her parents never prayed either.

—-She was recently granted asylum in Australia.

—its not clear why she was granted asylum, whether it was Ahmadiyya or atheism?

—Harris asks how its possible that Ahmadis always get good jobs in Pakistan.

—Shazia never mentioned that she was an Ahmadi, she registered as a Muslim.

—He mentions how many many Ahmadi’s falsely report themselves as Muslims.

—-Is Shazia a Lahori-Ahmadi?  She claims that Ahmadi’s don’t believe in additional prophets after Muhammad (saw).

—it seems that she went to the Australian Embassy and claimed to be Ahmadi and scared, she referenced the 2010 Ahmadiyya mosque shooting as evidence.

—She mentions a really good point, Ahmadi’s won’t separate themselves from Islam.  And this is the biggest issue.

—She is asked about the growth of Ahmadiyya, she isn’t too sure, she gives Rabwah Times as a source, however, its websites tells us that it is not official.  She seems to be have been told in Pakistan that Ahmadiyya is growing overseas.