Ahmadiyya leaders have been ordered by their Khalifa to continue to grease politicians, whether they are democrat or republican, to the Mirza family, it doesn’t matter. In this picture, Peter King, who hates Muslims in America and hates CAIR, is seen hugging two Ahmadis, one of the Ahmadi’s is Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry, who works in Silicon valley as CEO of the Silicon Valley Educational Foundation. Pete King is also the co-chair for the Ahmadiyya caucus.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________This is in terms of the Ahmadiyya caucus

We have explained the role of the Ahmadiyya caucus here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Peter King tweeted this photo

As Co-Chairman of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus I met with two Long Island representatives of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Ahmadiyya Muslims are strongly anti-terrorism and pro-American.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Does Peter King know about Ahmadiyya storing money overseas?
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Does Peter King know that Ahmadiyya megadonor, Kareem Ahmad is under investigation?

Who is Kareem Ahmad? The Ahmadi mega-donor, indicted in federal court–involuntary manslaughter

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Jacki Malec also spoke at an Ahmadiyya mosque in Chino

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