Our beloved brother and Ex-Ahmadi Hani Tahir has recently released an english document via Google Docs.
______________________________________________________________________________________________The data

leaving ahmadiyya (1)

Any answer from Arabic desk or markaz or khalifa will be mentioned on the  chronological list shown below. Everything mentioned here is substantiated and supported by the actual email and documents which include the book of the text, the edition, the page or chapter, even in the malfouzat or newspapers of ahmadiyya or any ahmadiyya publication, it is all referenced in the original email which I can send to anyone upon his/her request. This doc. is useful for English speaking people too who have no idea yet what is going on. Again, to build your own opinion, you need to read it in sequence of dates to understand how and when events took place. All other books of ahmadiyya which we all believed in did not answer any of this new knowledge which has been discovered and uncovered in the last couple of years.

this document will show the different quranic interpretations between MGA (mirza ghulam ahmad) and the 2nd khalifa; as well, with the 4th khalifa.

will show you how they ignore members and give them false, unfulfilled promises on questions they have no answer to it and do not want to investigate it.

will show you the behavior of the officials especially in collecting money.

will show you the false unfulfilled promises given to me by the khalifa and the men around him who are all complicit in a cover-up.

will show you how they interpret prophecies which obviously were not fulfilled and fabricate them.

will show you how they declare false numbers about the number of ahmadis worldwide.

will show you the silly ridiculous reason for not accepting to debate brother hani taher who challenged them so many times.

will show you words and sentences and phrases used by MGA that will make the hair on your head stand up, i.e. calling the wife of his cousin a whore, insulting the egyptians and calling people as homosexuals……. etc.

will show you the unbelievable letter MGA sent to queen victoria.

will show you why an official asked me not to write anymore to the arabs.

will show you in ahmadiyya books references mentioned to the quran or hadith, but in fact they do not exist in the quran nor in the hadith.

will show you the similarities between jamaat’s interpretations of verses of the quran; as well, prophets’ stories and the interpretation by sayyed ahmad khan.

will show you how they never answered hani’s points which i sent to them in hani’s four books; as well, tens upon tens of emails..

will show you how jamaat deletes and removes certain sentences said by MGA from one edition to the other once they find out the harm or discrepancy in the words, i.e. the appendix of khutba ilhamiyya was removed from edition 2009.

will show you the hundreds of arabic poetic phrases used by MGA which were taken from different arab poets.

will show you many rhetoric and grammar mistakes in the arabic language of MGA.

will show you the hundreds of mistakes in MGA’s poems discovered by a scholarly arab poet; as well, discovered by hani taher.

will show you the tens of arabs who left ahmadiyya and their testimonies.

Will show you where MGA said that the Ahmadi who does not participate in AL-WASSIYA is a hypocrite. In other words, ahmadis who do not pay 10% of their monthly salary are hypocrites. Bahishti maqbara used to be in qadyan; then, moved to rabwah and now it is in Toronto.

Will show you even much more. Again, I stand behind each and every word in this document and I have the proof and more than willing to provide you with any details. I am doing this to show you the truth and to show you that my decision to leave ahmadiyya was not taken lightly nor fast ; rather, consciously and after deliberate thorough and long investigation. Bearing in mind that I was born an Ahmadi and I am 72 years old, that is, I have known and witnessed many ahmadis at different levels and I read almost all ahmadiyya books, but again we did not know about the knowledge revealed to us in the last couple of years because we have had no access to it and because we were blind in our love to ahmadiyya. We fear god almighty who commands us to tell and follow the truth.

On feb. 4, 2011 told them that 4th khalifa on a video liqaa with arabs dated 06/11/1997 interpreted the verses 41:10-13 differently from commentary book.

On feb. 6, 2011 told them that 4th khalifa on a video liqaa with arabs dated 24/04/1997 criticized the interpretation of the commentary book about verse 40:51 and used very harsh words about the interpretation in the commentary book, he said “it is irrelevant”, “far more misleading than explanatory”, “no justification for attributing to readers this absurdity”.

On feb. 7, 2011 told them that 4th khalifa on a video liqaa with arabs dated 16/04/1997 said something about verse 39:69 different from what is in the commentary book, on part of it he said that it is his guess work.

On feb. 8, 2011 told them that 4th khalifa on a video liqaa with arabs dated 26/03/1997 disagreed with the commentary book about the interpretation of verse 65:13.

On feb. 17, 2011 told them that 4th khalifa on a video liqaa with arabs dated 11/10/1995 talked about cloning and freezing the human body even for 100 years while still alive and bringing him back to life later on. I asked about the soul in these two cases.

On 29/03/2011 told them that there is different interpretations for the Arabic word DABBAH between 4th khalifa, commentary and pm.

On 08/04/2011  and  09/04/2011  jamaat says even peaceful demonstrations are not allowed,I asked the question as follows:


on 12/04/2011  told them that they use two verses only from the quran from which they say there are other  creatures on other planets, but they never used the words intelligent creatures. do they have quranic verses that specifically mention intelligent creatures, since they already differ about the meaning of DABBAH. I provided my own research to prove that there are quranic verses.

on 16/05/2011 asked them if there is a quranic proof about the creation of  satan as a created being. no answer. sent them my own research .

on 14/06/2011 after laying down the premises, I asked if everything in the universe has a soul?

on 19/06/2011 I asked about the difference in the Arabic usage of the two words in Arabic  ما  and  من   I provided my research about it.

on 26/08/2011 I complained about the practices used to collect the money to build markaz in Toronto at the time of the 4th khalifa. it was deceitful tactics.

on 12/09/2011 I sent two researches of mine about day of judgement and end of the chain of time.

on 17/09/2011 sent my research about the usage of  ما  , من ,  دابة

on 14/11/2011 asked why the earth in Arabic never used in plural in quran. submitted my opinion too.

on 29/11/2011   asked about the Islamic point of view about transgender people since the quran says that god created either a male or female. What are transgenders at birth?

On 27/08/2012 asked about the quranic proof if any about a created being called iblis? Provided my research.

On 20/10/2012 provided two researches about heavens and earth of paradise and hell and the other about heavens and earth of paradise and hell and eternity of man.

On 20/10/2012 submitted my research about suras of al-muqataat.

On 21/01/2013  told them the different explanations between the pm, commentary book and 4th khalifa whether birds and animals be resurrected and requited? Pm says yes, commentary book says no; then, if yes, will they be punished or rewarded?

On 11/07/2013 submitted my two researches one about doomsday and the future of life on earth and the other about life on earth after doomsday.

On 11/11/2013 provided numerical proof re. isra and miraj.

On 15/02/2014 asked them about the reason that we never ever hear anything from jamaat’s dar-ifta.

On 22/04/2014 asked if paradise and hell occupy the same space even though divided by a partition as per verse 7:47.

On 11/05/2015 asked if muslims are allowed to have quranic verse on them while in the washroom, for example, ahmadis having a ring with a quranic verse on the finger.

On 05/08/2015 asked if there had been multiple big bangs or just one.

On 08/10/2015 I sent a doc. to the khalifa in it I put the dates of over 100 articles which I have written but no response even from him, reminded him of the following too:

On March 16,2007 I sent you (the khalifa) a document about my numerical findings re. Zu—Qarnain from Sura Al-kahf, your response was to keep this to myself only. You did not explain to me why, even though my findings were purely scientific, i.e. proofs by numbers.

On April 25, 2011 I asked you (the khalifa) if I can send some articles which include my findings so you can guide me to the right answer. On May 23, 2011 I received your response allowing me to send you these articles. On June 10/2011 I sent you the articles after getting your permission. I waited about 10 months, but have not received any response from you. On March 31, 2012 I sent you another letter asking you to remember me and give me a response to satisfy my curiousity, but to no avail. Until now I have not received your response re. my articles.

Even earlier than that on March 9, 2009 I asked you  (the khalifa) about Shaytan and Iblees and you told me that you have a busy schedule, and directed me to ask a specific missionary, which I did and he was very happy and as he said “honored” because you chose him to answer my question. After a while contacted again that missionary, he told me about his legitimate cause for the delay, but he said he will answer me as soon as possible. I am still waiting his answer since 2009, which is six years ago.

I have been told by some people to send my questions to Dar Al-Ifta, but when I asked them about the address of Dar Al-Ifta, received no response. (end of msg. to khalifa)

On 23/12/15 asked them ( arabic desk) why the quran mentioned only the names of prophets who were all born in the middle east?

On 01/05/2016 asked them (Arabic desk) if we are born of water or of clay or of dust?

On 01/05/2016 asked them what should we do if we are fought against our religion, taking in consideration verses  60:9-10?

On 08/05/2016 asked if jihad by sword is forbidden until the day of judgement?

On 16/05/2016 asked about the whereabouts of brother hani taher who has not appeared since almost a year.

On 25/09/2016 asked why jamaat does not declare the official number of ahmadis?

On 15/10/2016 I asked about the prophecy mentioned in al-tadhkirah:

“ …………………. Kings will invade kings. There will be so much bloodshed that the earth will be filled with blood. The subjects of all kings will also fight fearfully among themselves. There will be universal ruin and destruction. The centre of all this will be Syria.  ………………………………  It will be the time of my Promised Son”.     

on 17/10/2016  asked them about Video from hani taher dated aug. 30, 2016 about the story of al-khadr (verse 18:75) , who says that he raised the issue to the khalifa-aaba that the pm says that the story is literally correct, i.e. al-khadr killed the boy and it is not a kashef as being written by 2nd khalifa in tafseer.  

on nov. 29, 2016 received a letter from sister maha Dabbous informing me that she met with khalifa, conveyed my messages to him, he told her the following: “He said that he has asked Arabic Desk to provide you with the pdf copies of all the Arabic translations of the books of the Promised Messiah – that were not published yet. In this way you can have access to all what brother Hani is talking about and you can answer him yourself concerning the issues he has raised. I also knew from Hudhoor that the Jama’at in Rabwah is preparing detailed answers to all the points that were raised by brother Hani. These answers will be published when finalised. But it will be taking a very long time to make these ready for publication. So in the meantime you will be receiving the pdf files from Arabic Desk (hopefully soon InshaAllah) – as instructed by Hudhoor”. 

on apr. 04, 2017 I found that jamaat had published these numbers in different books , articles and press releases, here is a sample: book “welcome to ahmdiyat, the true islam”  Just last year more than 81 million men, women and children all  over the world have joined Ahmadiyyat.  M. M. Ahmad Amir Jama‘at Ahmadiyya, USA 

press release 28th June 2003 Ahmadiyya Muslims number 200 million worldwide. With 20 million accepting the faith in 2002, it is the fastest growing religious community of Islam in the world. .  the 200 million was mentioned in more books , articles and press releases than the 81 million.   

on 10/05/2017  I asked about the hadiths which talk about the coming of jesus who will get married and have children, but hani taher says the hadiths do not exist in bukhari, nor muslim, nor alsunnan, nor in ahmad, nor in malek, not even in any of the known hadiths books ; therefore, a hadith that does not exist in any of these books has no value.

on 14/05/2017 I asked the following: if cloning is considered interference in the creation of god; then, why did god breathe the soul into the cloned animal or human being?

on 09/07/2017 I asked the following: the pm-as wrote in the Arabic book hamamat al-bushra on page 162 that adam-as used to marry his son to his daughter which is unacceptable nowadays but they were obliged at that time. in the second book   (التحفة الغلروية)   he says OUR adam-as is the father of all human beings who was 4739 hijri years and 4598  a.d. before the hp-pbuh. since jamaat says that at the time of adam-as there were other inhabitants too, it means that the pm-as believed that. how do we know that the children of adam did not marry from the decendants of the inhabitants who were before adam-as?

on 16/07/2017 I sent a comprehensive letter to the khalifa about the reasons for not answering me, himself nor Arabic desk nor missionaries.

on 04/08/2017 asked them about the reason for not debating hani taher.

on 27/08/2017  notified them about the exaggeration of some Ahmadi officials.

on 09/10/2017 asked them why all khalifas keep mentioning in Friday sermons the number of converts to ahmadiyyah but never heard any khalifa mention that an Ahmadi found a new meaning in a quranic verse.

on 23/10/2017 told them that I find interesting points in some verses of the quran, but no one in jamaat wants to respond to me.

on 30/10/2017 and 09/06/2018 sent them hani’s email and pm’s doc. and asked this:

the pm-as described the wife of his cousin as a whore in the third edition of book al-tadhkirah, but it was removed in the fourth edition. brother hani received a response from an Ahmadi that the sentence was removed by mistake.  why the sentence still exists in the English fourth edition but not in the edition on the website?

on 29/04/2018  I copied few examples from hani’s pdf called  أخلاق الميرزا   (morals of the mirza) sent it to them and asked about it:

Why would the promised messiah call people who do not believe in him as sons of prostitutes.? Why would he say that any book other than the quran would be like the behind (bottom/butt) of a woman? Why would he describe a man like feces (poo/shit)? Why would he say if you remove the poo/shit from the toilet but some of its particles remained, would you eat there? Why would he say that god did not call Egypt the land of the arabs, and Egypt is within the lands of  العجم  and their dialect is the worse Arabic dialect? Why would he say that the son who does not grieve the death of his father, would be better if he was born a female? Why would he say to someone, you are not a man; rather, you are less in status than a woman? Why would he say that the revelations of the liars would be said in a low voice like the voice of the thieves, the homosexuals and the women because the shaytan is a thief, a homosexual and a woman? Why would he say to a man, you are like a woman, your opinion is incomplete  ناقص   like the opinion of the women, you are incomplete, you father and grandfather are also incomplete? Why would he say if a wife gives birth to girls only; then, the husband has the right to marry another wife?.

on 30/04/2018  I translated a short email from hani and asked them the following: In 1905 the promised messiah said in his book AL-BARAHEEN – part five: If a severe scourge (severe calamity) does not emerge, which will shake the world, and be in the form of an earthquake according to the appearance of the words of the revelation, but appeared a normal thing the world has always seen, and is not extraordinary and not a model of resurrection in fact, or this incident did not appear in my lifetime; then, you can say that I lied on the beats of the drums and consider me scandalous. The purpose of this great incident is that it will be a model of resurrection, the world will be destroyed in a flash, and thousands of people will enter my community (book of AL-BARAHEEN – part five).

Has an incident happened during the lifetime of the promised messiah which was a model of resurrection and destroyed the world in a flash? please advise.

on 04/05/2018  asked to answer 16 questions raised by hani taher.

on 05/05/2018  sent them a doc. named  سلسلة تساؤلات للأحمديين واضحة وسهلة  from hani taher which contains several questions.

on 06/05/2018 asked them about the letter from pm to queen Victoria written in his book    (نجم القيصرة)   which was raised by hani taher. i asked the following:

It’s true that the british under the rule of queen Victoria did not allow the sikhs and others to slaughter the muslims, but still, they are occupiers of india as they were occupiers to Palestine , Egypt, Iraq ….. etc.

Why would the mahdi/promised messiah/prophet from god say to a lady queen this:

“I love you from the depths, in my heart love and greatness in particular. My prayers for you are going on day and night like running water. We do not obey you under the pressure of politics, but your many advantages have attracted our heart”.

Was the mahdi/promised messiah/prophet from god really praying day and night for the queen like running water?

Why would the mahdi/promised messiah/prophet from god say to a lady queen this:

“God’s eyes are focused on a country where you think. The hand of God’s mercy is on the people who have your hand. God sent me because of your good intentions to re-establish the ways of piety and virtuous virtues and reconciliation”.

How did he know that god’s eyes are where the queen’s eyes are? How did he know that the hand of god’s mercy is where the queen’s hand is? Why would he say to the queen that god had sent him because of her to establish piety and virtues? We thought that god sent him to break the cross and kill the pig …… not because of the queen, who is an occupier, regardless if she was protecting the muslims. By the way, she was protecting her interests in india and other muslim countries which are under her occupation, not for the sake of muslims only.

On 07/05/2018  received email from amir Canada lal khan sahib to meet me and my two brothers Hussein and jalal with momin taher sahib and himself upon instructions from the khalifa. I refused to meet because I told them that I’ve attended many meetings, I need action.

Later on I received phone calls from amir lal and momin taher asking me to again meet with me because the khalifa has instructed him. They said they will come to Halifax where I live which is about 1500 km. from montreal where my brothers live.

We met in Halifax on 16/05/2018 in the presence also of abdul razzaq Qureshi, president of Halifax jamaat. we discussed only things related to the responses mainly to hani’s. momin sahib said that they are in the process of translation the responses from rabwah and will be published in a comprehensive book. I asked them to ask the khalifa the following:

can musleh maoud make a mistake in the interpretation of a quranic verse?

can any khalifa make a mistake in the interpretation of a quranic verse?

can a khalifa elaborate or have additional info. about the interpretation of a quranic verse?

can two khalifas have complete different interpretations to the same quranic verse?

has any khalifa received WAHI , not ilham and not vision? if yes, who did?

is the khalifa considered a mujaddid? if yes, what is the main duty of the mujaddid? should the mujaddid find additional interpretations of quranic verses that suit the time? if not; then, how can we say that quran is for all times?

is it possible that a member of jamaat finds a secret in a quranic verse not found by any of the khalifas? if yes, has any Ahmadi done that?

is it possible that some of the prophecies written in the book  tadhkirah been mistakenly written or being exaggerated?

is it possible that some sayings by some ahmadis that the pm-as had said it would be wrong, if it is written in jamaat’s books?

what is the reason for not debating hani taher?

is jamaat preparing a book of responses to hani’s accusations? if yes, who will do it? how long till we see it? will it be on jamaat’s website? has the khalifa ordered it? will it include all accusations?

I received a letter later on from the khalifa in which he answered the above questions.

At the end of the meeting momin taher sahib asked me not to write anymore to the arabs (I was sending emails mainly to arabs in kababeer), I agreed on the basis that he will send me rabwah’s responses which eventually will be published into a comprehensive book.

On 11/05/2018  asked based on an email from hani the following:

is it true that an Ahmadi told the king Abdul Aziz bin souood of Saudi arabia (founder of Saudi arabia) in 1932 that the hp-pbuh hinted in a hadith that Saudi arabia has oil (petrolium); then, the king held a meeting and hired a company to discover the oil? (مجلة التقوى ابريل 2009، نقلا عن مجلة “النور”، فبراير 2009 ص 35- 36).

12/05/2018  sent them hani’s email and asked them the following:

please respond to hani’s accusation as shown below by proof according to him that the promised messiah did not learn Arabic in one night and the promised messiah never said during his life that he learned Arabic in one night; rather, jamaat said that after his death. please read what’s written below and tell us the truth.

On 14/05/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

following are samples of quranic interpretations which are similar between the scholar sayyed ahmad khan who lived at the time of the promised messiah and the interpretations of jamaat during the lifetime of the 2nd khalifa who wrote these interpretations. brother hani taher says that jamaat stole their interpretations from sayyed ahmad khan.

On 14/05/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

following are samples of quranic interpretations of sayyed ahmad khan in English. according to brother hani the Urdu texts did not appear for technical reasons.

On 21/05/2018 received email from momin taher sahib showing the link to responses from jamaat. Wrote him back the following:

I received all your six emails with the attachments too. I have already read these replies long time ago. you are saying that you are in the process of posting more responses on the Arabic website, will these new responses be the ones coordinated between you and rabwah, which would each be considered the official response to hani’s accusation as being requested by the khalifa?

On 22/05/2018 sent them email from hani and asked the following question:

from the text shown below seems to be a confusing message or declaration. It is not known if there are any messiahs after Mirza ghulam ahmad or is there only one messiah according to him, and who is this second messiah and when will he appear? Note that the Ahmadis do not count 2nd khalifa as the second messiah, nor call him so. the 2nd khalifa did not declare that he was the representative of this second messiah, but declared that he was only the promised Son.

On 23/05/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

the promised messiah says that there are expressive phrases and proverbs in the quran extracted from the poems of the pre-Islamic poets; as well, he says that it is a big list. the promised messiah said in his book  (نزول المسيح):

“If this is theft, there is this kind of theft in the word of God too.regardless of people’s talk. if you extract from the holy quran the expressive phrases and proverbs mentioned in the poems of the pre-islamic poets, there would be a long list. Investigators, however, never consider these matters to be contested”.

what are these phrases and proverbs in the quran that were used by pre-Islamic poets? is there a big list? does this mean that god had to borrow these phrases and proverbs from pre-Islamic poets?

On 23/05/2018 received email from momin taher sahib which says:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم نحمده ونصلي على رسوله الكريم وعلى عبده المسيح الموعود

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

نعم قد بدأنا العمل بالتنسيق مع الاخوة في ربوة

الدعاء الدعاء

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


On 23/05/2018 received email from momin taher which says:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم نحمده ونصلي على رسوله الكريم وعلى عبده المسيح الموعود

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

أخي الكريم

ارسل لكم من أجل التسلية ولمعرفة حقيقة هذا الشخص، رسالة كتبها  أخ أحمدي ردًا عليه حين حاول هذا إغواءه.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


it was a shallow silly email from a man named karazan Ibrahim and I told momin about it.

On 03/06/2018 sent them hani’s book (85 pages) about the Arabic mistakes in the pm’s books.

On 06/06/2018 sent them hani’s email from which I summarized the following:

summary of the important points in the Arabic email shown bellow is as follows:

The pm said that jesus suffered back pains during crucifixion; as well, he too suffered back pains. (التذكرة، ص 441، نقلا عن الحكم 11/5/1902)

The pm said that jesus spoke in the cradle but his son Mubarak spoke twice while in his mother’s belly.  (ترياق القلوب)

The pm said that even though god’s grace on him is greater than god’s grace on jesus and even though the mission appointed to him is greater than jesus’s mission , but I consider him my brother, I have visited him frequently, even once we ate beef together from the same pot; then, the pm says, I am from god and jesus is from me. (الملفوظات نقلا عن الحكم مجلد6، رقم 29، صفحة 6-12، عدد 17/8/1902)

On 08/06/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

why did jamaat delete the sentence said by the pm to mir sahib “I have been infected by cholera” which was written in the original version in (حياة ناصر، ص 14، ترجمة د.البراء هلال)

on 09/06/2018 sent hani’s email and asked the following:

I have previously forwarded to you hani’s emails in which he sees that the pm died by cholera. hani summarized it here by four points as shown below substantiated by a western writer who wrote about the spread of cholera in certain areas of india as follows:

Epidemics in Colonial Punjab by Sasha Tandon, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Twelve major cholera epidemics broke out in the Punjab between 1866 and 1921, affecting all its areas and killing 2,49,050 people. On an average, 4,357 people died of cholera annually. The districts most affected by cholera were Gujranwala, Hazara, Rawalpindi, Ambala, Gurgaon, Lahore, Jalandhar.

On 13/06/2018 sent them hani’s email which I summarized its main objective as follows:

why the appendix of khutba ilhamiyya was removed in edition of 2009.

according to hadiths a high minarette should be erected east of the mosque.therefore, almasjid alaqsa is not meant to be the one in Jerusalem; rather, the masjid of the pm. all of the above confirms the ilham the pm recceived twenty years ago that qadian is mentioned in the quran as was written in baraheen ahmadiyya. the cost of erecting the minarette is not less than ten thousand rupees.

On 16/06/2018 sent them link to hani’s video and wrote:

brother hani has shown so far more than 600 mistakes in the Arabic language of the pm, which I have already sent to you in previous emails. further more, in this video he shows the wrong usage of     أم   or   أو   by the pm. I am not knowledgeable in the Arabic langusge nor in its grammar, but some of the mistakes mentioned by hani we know them as arabs that they are mistakes, we know them by the ear, as is the case in this video. what’s rabwah’s answer to this? we’re still waiting.


on 19/06/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

personally never heard in my life the word  تنقيد  , but I heard and used the word نَقْد , I do not know from where the pm derived the word  تنقيد  .  please advise.

on 20/06/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

so far so many mistakes in Arabic in the pm’s books that are obvious even to me as shown below too unless jamaat tells us otherwise. until now we have not heard any response about the Arabic mistakes and other mistakes since a very long time, what is going on? jamaat needs to put direct OFFICIAL responses to these accusations on the official Arabic website. there are so many mistakes so far, you need to defend yourselves, the pm, the khalifa, the members, the truth, islam, pride and dignity.

on 21/06/2018 sent them hani’s email and asked the following:

the pm used the Arabic word الخُلوص  instead of الإخلاص  because the word  الخُلوص  in Urdu means الإخلاص

on 22/06/2018 received email from abdul momin taher sahib accusing hani of ignorance about Arabic language, stating his quick reference to a couple of words.

on 22/06/2018 received email from momin sahib says the khalifa has prepared a lengthy response to my questions which I should receive within two. (I did receive the email from the khalifa in which he answered my questions which I submitted to momin sahib when we met in Halifax. (the response was in Arabic).

on 25/06/2018 wrote to them addressing momin sahib re. khalifa’s responses to my questions, I said: Respected brother momin taher sahib,  Assalamu alaykum,

Thank you for sending khalifa’s response to my questions, I have some reservations regarding some answers especially re. debating hani, but I just could not swallow the answer to question 14 which is as follows:

(21) Sahibzadah Pir Sirajul-Haqqra narrates that once the Promised Messiahas said: God has conveyed to me that there would be a great split in my Movement as well, and mischief makers and those who are the slaves of their own desires will depart. Then God Almighty will bring this split to an end. But those who deserve being cut off, as being unconnected with the truth and given to mischief, will be cut off. Then there will be a great uprising in the world. That would be the first uprising. Kings will invade kings. There will be so much bloodshed that the earth will be filled with blood. The subjects of all kings will also fight fearfully among themselves. There will be universal ruin and destruction. The centre of all this will be Syria. 

Addressing Sahibzadah Sirajul-Haqqra directly, the Promised Messiaha continued: 

It will be the time of my Promised Son. God has decreed these events in connection with him. Thereafter our Movement will spread and kings will become members of the Movement. Be sure to recognize the Promised One.  [Tadhkiratul-Mahdi, part 2, new ed., p. 274] .

Khalifa’s answer that mousleh maoud said the prophecy was fulfilled during his time and nowadays events might be applicable to the prophecy.

The short answer that WWI and WWII or any other events, Syria or bilad alsham were not affected by it , the two world wars were taking place in Europe and other places, not even in the whole of middle east. On top of that, kings were not invading kings in Syria or bilad alsham nor so much bloodshed happened in Syria that the earth was filled with blood as per prophecy. There was universal ruin and destruction but not in Syria; consequently, Syria was not the center of all of this.

The khalifa also says that today’s events could be considered a fullfilment of the prophecy, but it is not the time of the promised son as per prophecy.

an Ahmadi wrote me and he thinks that it might mean the following :

any event taking place in any Khalifa’s time related to these major events, could be considered as happening in the time of the Promised son. my response to him:

since khilafat is ever lasting until the day of judgement; then, this invasion of kings to other kings and the bloodshed ….. etc. can happen any time from now until the day of judgement. if that is the case; then, it is not considered a prophecy when you put a span of centuries upon centuries, until the day of judgement on it.

I think that the first part of the prophecy is correct and the sentence about the time of my promised son has been misquoted.

NOTE: the khalifa mentioned in the attached answers that jamaat are preparing a book to be posted on the Arabic website, we shall be waiting impatiently.

on 29/06/2018 sent them email asking the following:

there is a hadith which says that Arabic is the language in paradise, but I do not know

how authentic is the hadith, which is as follows:


هناك رواية تقول: أحبوا العرب لثلاث، لأني عربي والقرآن عربي وكلام أهل الجنة عربي، وقد أخرجها الطبراني في معجميه الكبير والأوسط، والحاكم في مستدركه، والبيهقي في الشعب

as well, the promised messiah as far as I know was the only one who said that Arabic is not a language developed by humans; rather, created by god. there are these two verses in the quran, which are:

ِِ انا أَنْزَلْناهُ قُرْآناً عَرَبِيًّا لَعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

Indeed We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an so that you may apply reason.

فَإِنَّمَا يَسَّرْنَاهُ بِلِسَانِكَ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَتَذَكَّرُونَ

Thus We have revealed this [Qur’an] to you in your own tongue so that they may take we know that god had revealed all other books in the language of the people of that time.the same with the quran as being said in the last verse “in your own tongue so that they may take heed”.

why god did not say also that he revealed the quran in the language he created himself and/or in the language of paradise, to give finality to the quran as the last book, and islam as the last religion, and mohammad as the last prophet; consequently, shows that god is sufficient and does not need a language developed by humans for all of the above reasons?

on 08/07/2018 sent hani’s email in which the pm says that the greatness of religion and the pride of its borders does not exist anymore except in Mecca and Medina                  ما بقي عظمةُ الدين وعزّةُ حدوده إلا في مكّة والمدينة  but hani says: I have not seen that islam has been brought back to MEDINA yet since 1400 years. according to hadiths it should take place at end of times and the pm says we are in it, but where is islam in medina? the pm says that the glory of islam are in or will be in mecca and medina.

on 10/07/2018 sent hani’s email, translated the main point:

17:59  There is not a township but We shall destroy it before the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with a severe punishment. That is written down in the Book.

according to commentary book of holy quran by jamaat it says that idolatry will spread all over the world and in consequence thereof the whole of mankind would suffer its sins and its inequities. the commentary also says that this prophecy will be after the advent of the pm and it has been fulfilled.

the verse talks about the spread of idolatry and the destruction of towns before day of judgement. so far, we have not seen the destruction of towns worldwide not by plague nor by other types of destruction; regardless, if the plague of 1347-1352 destroyed one third of europe’s towns which is different from the plague the pm is talking about, and if this is the destruction; then, it was not fulfilled at the time of the pm, but again, in the begining the pm says that qadian will be safe from plague , but in 1905 he said that plague is attacking qadian. see full details in hani’s email.

on 12/07/2018 sent hani’s email, translated main points as follows:

hani says that he is receiving many replies from linguistic arabs, some are professors, poets …. etc. and are agreeing with him on most matters. hani provided an example as shown in his email below, but most importantly I shall translate a small excerpt of what hani said which is as follows:

what I offer is easy and available, it is the following: To send my linguistic articles to professor Asaad Odeh from Kababir, a great linguist, and a scholar that has no dust on him. he is an ahmadi.  if he objects to any matter, I will immediately agree to his objection without any discussion, and I will delete any error of Mirza’s errors if he says that it is not wrong, provided that he publishes his objection on facebook to enable people to see it. even if abdel-momin taher publishes an article on facebook under his name, and took any of my articles with evidence, I will publish his article to the people, and I will immediately retract any error proved to me. What do they want more? This has been an offer since the first day, but I have repeatedly asked assa’ad odeh to intervene to stop this farce, but he did not intervene.

it is obvious that hani is saying that assad odeh is highly qualified, even giving us the impression that assad odeh is more qualified than hani. why assad did not reply at all to hani and why jamaat does not ask asaad odeh to respond to hani on the linguistic matters? it smells very bad, real real bad.

if jamaat does not respond officially to the linguistic matters raised by hani within four weeks, would it be fair to say that god did not really teach the pm the Arabic language? god cannot make all these mistakes in Arabic unless you show us otherwise, so far, for two years jammat has failed to defend itself and failed to defend the pm about being taught by god the Arabic language.

on 17/07/2018 sent them hani’s email which is a letter from pm to queen Victoria and wrote the following comment to them:

the email sent below by hani which is a letter to queen Victoria in which he describes her as if she is god’s gift to the human race and praising her like she is a saint and god sent the pm because of her ………… etc. it is too much to swallow.

I was on the Arabic website reading the sayings of the pm about the signs of the end of times, where he confirms that gog/magog are the Russians and the british and the dajjals are the priests who are spreading all the lies ……….. etc. as well, he says that gog/magog as per hp-pbuh will appear from the east side of india.

I just wonder, if the brits represent gog/magog and their priests are the dajjal and will appear east of india which was under queen Victoria’s rule; then, why the pm had to elevate her to such a status close to sainthood and use sentences like I love you from the bottom of my heart and he says he srays for her day and night like running water and the angels are helping her ……… etc. that’s too much for me to swallow.

on 17/07/2018  received email from momin sahib and responded as follows:

respected brother momin taher sahib, assalamu alaykum,

you are sending me an article by nashwan mogeb from yemen which has no date on it. as far as I know that he left ahmadiyya without mentioning the reasons.

is it possible that he wrote this article before he left? beside that, the article is shallow and has no substance and I do not think it is a good idea to send it to anyone because the quick and short answer that hani and akarma left after knowing new facts as per their say. debate them and respond to their questions is the objective response. I am still waiting for jamaat’s comprehensive book that will handle all of hani’s allegations as you have promised. that is the right articles to distribute. we’re waiting.

on 18/07/2018  I received a confirmation from the Arabic desk that soon they will -publish new responses to hani’s accusations. I hope that they concentrate on the Arabic language hani is raising because it is very critical.

on 18/07/2018  sent them hani’s email and commented as follows:

6 arabs from Egypt left ahmadiyya. 2 arabs from lebanon left ahmadiyya. 2 arabs from syria left ahmadiyya.more than five family members from Algeria left ahmadiyya.

the above names are shown on hani’s facebook and more. probably there are more that we do not know of.  I am mentioning this again and again, since you do not want to debate hani, and unless you put out a comprehensive book that handles all of hani’s accusations, there will be more and more arabs leaving ahmadiyya. there is no point of sending me an article by an ex-ahmadi , meaning , someone who just left ahmadiyya even though he still praises them. you should not be proud of him, you should be ashmed of him because he left ahmadiyya.

on 19/07/2018 received letter from momin sahib in which he says that he raised my concerns about the behavior of the Ahmadi lord named ahmad who is a member in the English parliament where he raised or stood under the flag of LGBT (homosexuality) in the british embassy in Algeria. the khalifa denounced his actions and will not allow him anymore to appear on mta. (I can submit this letter).

on 19/07/2018 sent hani’s email and commented as follows:

please see the link to hani’s book re. pm’s Arabic language shown below in hani’s email,   hopefully the new official responses to some of hani’s accusations include at least 500 kg. out of the ton kg. raised by hani. hopefully it is new other than the ones already on the Arabic website and hopefully it includes the comments re. language from the Ahmadi linguistic arab scholar assad odeh.

another hope, please let us know once it is published or would be more appreciated if you can send it to me. please separate the old responses from the new ones, do not mix them.


on 23/07/2018 sent hani’s email which is about a wahi (ilham) received by an Ahmadi official. I commented as follows: another official Ahmadi received a wahi while layind down in bed on his right side, he heard a voice in Arabic which says    سنأكله في تسع   (we shall eat him in nine) and from it the official understood that allah will severely punish hani taher very soon.

I am not disputing the true dreams or visions or wahi but we need official responses to hani’s official accusations rather than keep spreading visions and wahi or even dreams about the destruction and punishment of hani. jamaat has had a lot of wahi and visions, it’s time to receive at least one wahi about the meanings of the Arabic language.


on 23/07/2018 sent hani’s email in which he quoted texts from different books of the pm in which he claims that the events were mentioned in the quran, hadiths and other authentic sources. I commented as follows:

jamaat needs to provide proof to what has been said by the pm which is highlighted in yellow, which has been attributed to the quran, hadiths, holy persons and publishers.where are these texts from the quran, hadiths, holy persons and publishers?


on 23/07/2018 sent hani’s email which shows contradiction between the pm and 2nd khalifa. I commented as follows:

 فَٱنطَلَقَا حَتَّىٰٓ إِذَا لَقِيَا غُلَـٰمً۬ا فَقَتَلَهُ ۥ قَالَ أَقَتَلۡتَ نَفۡسً۬ا زَكِيَّةَۢ بِغَيۡرِ نَفۡسٍ۬ لَّقَدۡ جِئۡتَ شَيۡـًٔ۬ا نُّكۡرً۬ا

(18:75) So they journeyed on till, when they met a young boy, he slew him. Moses said, ‘Hast thou slain an innocent person without his having slain any one? Surely, thou hast done a hideous thing!’

following are five excerpts from five different books written by the pm in which he says that the boy was literally killed, which fully contradicts what the 2nd khalifa said in his tafseer of quran.


the V khalifa said to hani that we should go by what the pm says. if that is the case, is it possible that musleh maoud has other interpretations which contradict the pm?

is it possible that the promised son, musleh maoud can make a critical mistake in the interpretation of a quranic verse? he is musleh maoud, chosen by god.


please include in your official response an answer to this question, beside the responses to the Arabic language used by the pm. thank you very much.

ن “الخضر” الذي لم يكن نبيا قد أُعطِي من لدنه سبحانه علما، هل كان إلهامه أيضا ظنيا لا يقينيا؟ فلماذا إذن قتل غلاما بغير وجه حق؟ (نزول المسيح)

“كافة المحدَّثين والصوفيين الذين تصبّغوا بصبغة المعرفة الكاملة والتفقه التام، يعتقدون بقناعة تامةٍ بحُجيّة الإلهام والكشف…. إن الذي خرق السفينة وقتل الولَد البريء – كما ورد في القرآن الكريم – كان ملهَما فقط، ولم يكن نبيا“. (إزالة الأوهام)

“القصة المذكورة في القرآن الكريم عن “آدم” صفي الله، أن الملائكة اعترضوا عليه وقالوا لله تعالى: (أَتَجْعَلُ فِيهَا مَنْ يُفْسِدُ فِيهَا وَيَسْفِكُ الدِّمَاءَ) تضم في طياتها نبوءة أن الكُمَّل سوف يتعرضون للطعن دائما. ولهذا السبب أورد الله تعالى قصة الخَضِر عليه السلام أيضا في القرآن الكريم ليعلَمَ الناسُ أن شخصا يقتل غيره بغير وجه حق ويتلف أموال اليتامى قصدا، ومع ذلك يُعدُّ من الصالحين والأصفياء عند الله”. (ترياق القلوب)

 “فبناء على ذلك العلم القطعي واليقيني قام الخضر أمام موسى بأعمال كانت تبدو خلاف الشريعة في الظاهر. فقد خرق السفينة، وقتل الغلام، وتحمل عناء عمل غير ضروري دون أجر…. والمعلوم أنه لو لم يكن ما عند الخضر إلا الظنيات، لما جاز له أن يقوم بالأعمال المنكَرة والمعارضة للشرع صراحةً اعتمادًا على مجرد الظن”. (البراهين الثالث)

 :ثبت من الأحاديث الشريفة مدائح كثيرة عن نقاء استعداد إبراهيم فلذة كبد النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم الذي توفي في صغره وفطرته الصديقية، كما يظهر من القرآن الكريم حالة خُبث جِبِلّة ذلك الغلام الذي قتله الخضر في صغر سنه”. (الإعلان الأخضر)

on 25/07/2018 sent hani’s email in which he says that the pm believes that revival of dead people to life under conditions as per verse 2:259 is possible, even though he believes that the return to life was for a short period of time. the 2nd khalifa contradicts his father’s interpretation fully and says under no circumstance a dead person can be brought back to life. again, musleh maoud is chosen by god, can he be wrong?

on 26/07/2018 sent hani’s email and commented as follows: hani’s response re. prophecy about dr. abdulhalim bataliwi.

Al-Mirza published a declaration on 5/11/1907 entitled” insight ” “تبصرة”, in which he wrote that he received from God Almighty a gospel saying:
“I will also lengthen your age, which will prove the lie of the enemy who says that you will die after 14 months starting from July 1907, as well as what other enemies predict, I will prove all their lies, and I will prolong your life to see that I am God and that everything is in my hands”.
(مجموعة الإعلانات مجلد 2 صفحة 720).

hani says: The Mirza died in cholera half a year after the declaration, and his age did not last as the prophecy says.  there is further details in hani’s response but it is too much to translate.

on 26/07/2018 sent hani’s email and said: hani’s response re. mubahala with dia alhaq. hani says:
on june 1988 the 4th khalifa issued the mubahala to dia alhaq; then two months later the khalifa said in a khutba on august 12, 1988 that he was wrong about asking god to destroy or kill people, instead we should pray for their guidance and mercy …… etc. after five days dia alhaq died in an air crash. hani says that the khalifa withdrew his mubahala on aug 12 1988; therefore, the death od dia alhaq is irrelevant to mubahala.

hani explains further details. too much to translate.


on 26/07/2018 sent hani’s email and said: further response from hani re. mubahala with dia alhaq. hani shows how jamaat’s members change the context of the actual text or khutba or declaration to suit their objective and he puts the actual texts and the fabricated ones . this is the youtube video hani posted re. mubahala with dia alhaq.


on 26/07/2018 sent them the following: respected brother momin taher, assalamu alaykum,

attached are hani’s four books about different subjects which contain tens and tens of accusations. you told me that rabwah are already sending you responses and the Arabic desk are already translating it. so far the official 4 or five responses you sent are old responses, meaning, were posted sometime ago on the Arabic website. I do not see the imprints of rabwah yet. hani is already preparing a fifth book, I think it will be about the prophecies of the pm and how they were fulfilled opposite to the prophecy itself. how come hani was able to put hundreds of accusations based on factual texts from jamaat, and how come jamaat has not been able to respond to more than 10% of it. hani has the same resources you have, what is taking you so long? also, we would like to emphasize on seeing jamaat’s responses re., the ton of accusations by hani re. Arabic language, preferably to include the arab linguist from kababeer asaad oudeh.

on 26/07/2018 amir Canada lal khan sahib sent to me and my brothers an email in which he says that the khalifa would like to meet with us in November 2018.

I sent an email saying that talk is cheap, but so far no one answered the tons of hani’s accusations. I do not buy lectures, show me the responses. where are they? you can believe whatever you want, but you should be able to defend your belief. testing, mesting, festing …… is not the answer. I am very angry because jamaat has been unable to truthfully respond to hani’s accusations. I am sick and tired of lectures without substance. just sucking up to officials does not make one more faithful than the other. show me the true responses.

on 27/07/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote them the following:

The official of governorate ASSYOUT of Egypt leaves ahmadiyya with 12 members of his family and 26 members in his governorate left ahmaiyya too. The man was an Ahmadi for the last ten years. the whole email shown below is all his, in which he explains in detail the exact reasons for leaving ahmadiyya which is basically what I have been saying all along that there has been no answers from jamaat to hani’s accusations. I hope someone translates it into English because it contains many subjects worth knowing about. I shall just say onething he mentioned which I already said too long time ago that he believes in the tafseer quran by ahmadiyya regardless if it was written by sayed ahmad khan or by the 2nd khalifa, it is strictly a personal effort but has nothing to do with wahi or ilham from god. He mentions the discrepancies between pm and 2nd khalifa, he mentions the morals of the pm, he mentions the Arabic language ………….. etc.

I have told you long time ago stop spreading your ilhams and visions about the destruction and god’s  punishment to hani, rather concentrate on providing us with real factual and direct responses, but you have not; as well, I told you long time ago that many arabs will leave ahmadiyya unless you provide these answers to hani’s accusations, but so far you have been unable to defend your belief. You have promised me that there will be a comprehensive book re. hani’s accusations, where is it? Us and our families cared about ahmadiyya for decades, but you have not shown us that you care about us nor about our families and the effect on us by not providing the true answers. What a shame.

on 28/07/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote:

this is a chance for the khalifa, the Arabic desk, the virtual dar ifta , all of rabwah to keep ahmadis especially arab ahmadis within its fold. please do not tell me about the substitute of the mahdi of the 13th century nor about visions and ilhams, just tell me on how do we defend these discrepancies , contradictions and Arabic language used by pm. you do not have much more time left before all arabs would leave ahmadiyya unless you face the accusations.

you promised me personally over the years many things but never fulfilled your promises, I did not care then, but now I need answers to hani’s thousand points. politics should not be your escape; rather, the truth. the internet is a powerful tool to communicate again with kababeer and all arabs and non-arabs. we want responses, facts, truth, direct to the point, so far you failed us to do so. WHY, WHY, WHY ………………………. ???

on 28/07/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote: an illiterate arab knows that the word      “الصداقة”     in Arabic means friendship. in Urdu it means the truth   الصِّدق والحقّ.  the pm used the word     “الصداقة”      as if it means the truth which is the Urdu meaning. hani has already sent tens of emails in which the pm uses the Urdu meaning for an Arabic word which is incorrect. is this the reason rabwah or kababeer has not been able to answer the points raised by hani re. Arabic language to say the least?

on 30/07/2018 wrote them the following:

respected brother momin taher sahib,

during your last visit to Halifax with amir lal khan sahib about 10 weeks ago as a rep. to khalifa you told me that official responses are already reaching from rabwah and Arabic desk are already in the process of translating it. the khalifa reiterated and confirmed that official responses will come out in his responses to my questions which you sent to me and I sent it to my brothers. so far, there has been no new official responses since we met and the last batch of responses you sent me were old responses. I would like to know an approximate date to when are we going to see these official responses which you said as far as I recollect that it will be later compiled into a comprehensive book. it’s been two years since hani left and jamaat has not answered more than 10% of hani’s accusations, escpecially against the ton of accusations about the usage of Arabic language by pm. hani said that there is a linguist in Arabic language in kababeer who is much better than him, he is an Ahmadi by the name of asaad oudeh and said that he will publish any response from asaad re. Arabic language without any argument. why jamaat does not ask asaad oudeh the specialist in Arabic language to respond to hani’s accusations re. language. so far there have been about thirty ahmadis who left ahmadiyya just from Egypt who all were waiting for jamaat’s responses but to no avail, so they believed hani because you did not show them real or no responses. please advise if there will be official responses, especially re. Arabic language or not as you and the khalifa have promised?

I fully understand the frustration of my beloved brother jalal which myself too went through some of it but I never ever mentioned it because according to me that responses to hani are very critical too beside jalal’s points too which are important, even though I do not fully know about it. please advise about the official responses only and how long should we wait? .

jazakum allah

Nazir ahmad kazak 


on 31/07/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote:

the poet Abdul Jaleel alabassi  criticizes pm’s poems from a scholarly linguistic point of view, this is his first criticism, and he will further write about it in other articles. the poet has taught Arabic language for ten years, wrote several poems and received several awards.jamaat needs a highly scholarly person who understands the rules of poetry to respond to him, as you can see from the way his criticism is coming from.

where is asaad oudeh of kababeer?


on 01/08/2018 wrote them: email below from brother hani shows an example of the subjects or stories that are similar between sayed ahmad khan and jamaat’s tafseer.


on 02/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote: shown below is brother hani’s response on why Urdu speaking did not bother about sayed ahmad khan and his thoughts. attached is an English book about sayed ahmad khan religious thoughts. I just wonder why Urdu speaking Ahmadi members do not  try to prove to us that Quran’s tafseer of jamaat is different from sayed’s tafseer by just reading the Urdu tafseer and quote us the differences and/or the agreements. it is very simple, that’s the only way in my opinion that jamaat can prove that their tafseer was not stolen from sayed ahmad khan.

on 02/08/2018 ‘sent hani’s email and wrote: the poet  abduljalil alabbasi found more than a 100 mistakes just in one poem  for the pm.normal regular arabs in Arabic language like myself would not understand what this poet is talking about, nor I think any non-arab who speaks Arabic would understand it too. it is for scholary arab poets to understand it.

on 03/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote: another brother left jamaat ahmadiyya, his name is  صلاح البردويلي this exodus from jamaat will continue because jamaat has been unable to respond to hani’s accusations which are to the point and direct. very soon you will hear more and more about this exodus. jamaat used to challenge all religions from all sects regardless who and where they came from, but they say we do not want to debate hani because he will waste our time on mta and he is just asking for recognition, we shall not give it to him. this is the silly answer of jamaat who are challenging the whole world but not hani taher, running away from one man only just because this man is showing them what the whole world has not shown them before. can you prove me wrong?

on 04/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote: before the year 2016 there were 35 ahmadis in the province of sohaj-egypt, now there are only 8 ahmadis, as per president of its jamaat  الشيخ معروف صابر  before the year 2016  there were 30 ahmadis in the province of asyout-egypt, now there are only 4 ahmadis, as per president of its jamaat  نصر الدين فرغلي

on 04/08/18 sent hani’s email and wrote: shown below is the email from the president of jamaat of sohaj-egypt who left ahmadiyya, in which he mentioned just 10 reasons, but I’ll translate only two of them. Question 6 :. Are there really creatures on the planets the sun and the moon like the planet of the earth? Question 8 : whatis the reason for the differences in views between Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his son Bashir al-Din Mahmoud, in the issue of the tree that Adam ate from, and in the matter of the fire of Abraham and the question of al-khadr (killing the boy) and many other issues.

question: If Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the just judge, why did jamaat put his son’s opinion over the pm’s opinion? Who is the justice minister in Ahmadiyya?

on 04/08/18  sent hani’s email with my translation as follows: following is my translation to brother hani’s email shown below: why their feelings do not move for the crime of lying? The number of baiaat announced by Khalifa Al-Ahmadiyya this year is 647 thousand, although the truth is that it is less than zero. Those who leave are more than those who join whom we do not expect to exceed zero. But the duty of Ahmadiyah is to announce the number of baiaat in the most important countries, and has the most baiaat. I will visit all of them, and I will visit its cities an d the centers of Ahmadiyya, and I will prove that this is all a historical lie. Brother Akrama had predicted that the number of baiaat this year would be 629 thousand, how was his prediction so accurate to this extent? brother akrama knew that baiaat would increase by about 5-10%. Is this not an enough proof that the whole story is a mere lie? Is it not sufficient evidence that I did not find in India one single new ahmadi, in which I visited many of its areas, although the number of alleged baiaat in 2001 was more than 40 million? Those who do not feel the burden of lying are stolid (extremely insensitive).

on 05/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote: the khalifa announced this year that 647 thousand joined ahmadiiya and earlier this year he said that the total ahmadis who pay subscription is only one million and 200 thousand. if during 120 years the number of ahmadis is 1,200,000 ; and almost 2/3 of a million in one year, how does that make sense. we need the proof. as being suggested by brother hani in his previous email which I sent to you and in this email. the khalifa said that he knew about the discrepancy in the number of ahmadis before he was a khalifa, he was in rabwah then. he sent his observation to markaz in London to the 4th khalifa, but nothing was done. but again, after he became a khalifa he did not correct the numbers which were 80 million joined in one year and/or 40 million in one year, he only corrected it after several years from becoming a khalifa and only after brother hani brought it up to the surface. how did brother akarma predicted much earlier that the number of ahmadis who will join this year would be about 629 thousand? why should we believe any numbers given to us now without providing us with the proof?

on 05/08/2018  sent hani’s email and wrote: The official of the ahmadiyya community in the city of Ramshi, the Algerian state of Telmesan, announces his survival from ahmadiyya. his name is  حاتم بن عمر

on 06/08/2018 sent this email.

from the above of jamaat’s Arabic website we see how difficult to learn Arabic without living among the arabs and in Arabic countries as per jamaat,s say. we also notice that the pm had very good knowledge of Arabic before being taught by god in one night. we also see that he was surrounded by versed people in Arabic , especially abdulkarim sialkoti and 1st khalifa whom he asked initially to help him write a book in Arabic before asking god for help in Arabic. we also notice that jamaat says that the hadith    “يصلحه الله في ليلة   (god will guide him in one night) means that god will teach pm Arabic in one night. I shall leave to the reader to derive his own conclusion.

on 06/08/2018 sent this email.

from the above of jamaat’s Arabic website it says that nobody came out to challenge the pm in the past nor in the present in the Arabic language.

well, hani taher challenged you publicly but you refused the challenge. if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. do not show your gun on your waist if you do not know how to use it. 


on 07/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote: still, I am unable to swallow the number 647,000 who joined ahmadiyya this year as being announced by the khalifa. one million and 200 thousand ahmadis as per khalifa until 2017 and this year alone about 2/3 of a million. regardless of who is paying or not paying, the number is too high to believe, bearing in mind the pattern of lying about numbers over the years.

challenge us and print the number in each country, each province, each city …. etc. we will contact these centers to confirm these numbers .

on 07/08/2018 sent hani’s email with my translation: very strong msg. from brother hani which i’ll translate. I think that the only way to prove him wrong is to print the number of ahmadis universally, or at least in Africa, in each country, province, state or tribe. following is my translation: ahmadiyya’s disregard for africans is racism, must be prosecuted for it. we must vigorously fight any contempt or defamation of any race, color, people, nation or tribe. to implant this idea in the minds of people means just an underestimation to the inhabitants of this beautiful continent, which was very wronged at the hands of the invaders for centuries.  the hateful racist hateful ahmadiyya propaganda has affected many people, they believed that the  africans were so stupid that if the head of the tribe joined them they would join ahmadiyya for the last one, and that africans could easily be persuaded and convinced by the introduction of the ahmadis and join them in groups, and that they do not care about the shameful biography of Mirza, from the insistence on the marriage from a married woman, and the curse of people and contempt of their religions and the daily falsification and hostility and hatred. The truth is that this is merely a false lie, africans are no different from others, and will not find a tribe of which joined ahmadiya once the head of the tribe became ahmadi, if it did happen, we got to see this tribe, visit them, know its name at least, and title or address. yesterday I spoke with two ahmadis from ghana and from uganda, those who read the dialogue show that there is no new ahmadi in these countries, so what does the ahmadi have to convince the african and at the same time does not convince for example the turkish or the iranian? why you cannot find in turkey except one or two, while 600 thousand join ahmadiyya in africa? i think that the african brothers should file a judicial complaint against ahmadiyya, but we all have to make this complaint against it, to take lightly of race is a crime that we all have to confront with firmness.

on 07/08/2018 sent hani’s email with my translation to the main points only: the pm said the following:

“remember with certainty that if one swears that my prophecy about ATHAM is not fulfilled, god will humiliate him and his face will be dark and destroy him by the death of the curse, because he wanted to nullify the truth … but will they swear by God? no, they will never swear because they are liars, and they will eat the cadaver (corpse) of lies as dogs” (عاقبة آتهم) . the pm also said:

“i know for certain that if one denies the realization of this prophecy [the prophecy of the death of ATHAM] swearing by god almighty before me, god will not leave him without punishment… if does not perish within a year by some disease or is not subjected to an extraordinary disaster, here i witness everyone and say i will admit in this case that I am a liar” ( (عاقبة آتهم).

following are links of hani’s challenge and swearing infront of god and everyone that the prophecy about ATHAM was not fulfilled and it was all a lie; as well many others have done that who left ahmadiyya. hani is repeating his swearing in the emails shown on the links below too .
فلنشعلها تكذيبا عمَلِيًّا للميرزا حتى يُجتثّ وتينُه المقَطَّع..ح1

16 July 2017

فلنشعلها تكذيبا عمَلِيًّا للميرزا حتى يُجتثّ وتينُه المقَطَّع.. ح2

30 ديسمبر 2017

دعوة إلى المباهلة مع الأحمديين

31 ديسمبر 2017

آية جديدة واضحة على كذب الميرزا

16 يوليو 2018

on 08/08/2018 sent hani’s email and I wrote: the poet abduljalil alabassi found many verses in the poems of the pm taken from two Arabic poets,     زهير بن أبي سلمى     and  امرئ القيس

on 08/08/2018 sent hani’s emai and wrote: respected brother momin taher sahib, assalamu alaykum

brother hani taher is saying that every Ahmadi can now be certain that he/she is a false witness or silent about the crime of lying. it is obvious that he is saying this because he has provided many evidences about many discrepancies and contradictions and false ………. etc. and jamaat has not been able yet to properly respond to it.we are taking all this humiliation with patience giving jamaat time and time again to respond, which you have promised me personally as an official from the Arabic desk as a rep. to the khalifa that they are in the process of translating rabwah’s responses and soon will publish it in a comprehensive book. this was three months ago and nothing has happened; consequently, you are allowing hani taher to humiliate every Ahmadi by your silence. I would like an answer from you ASAP if you are going to publish this comprehensive book or not? bearing in mind , responding to each and every accusation mentioned by hani and please do not send me the old responses as you did the last time. if there will be no comprehensive book published by jamaat that includes new responses and covers all allegations within the next two weeks; then, I consider this as an unfulfilled promise by you; consequently, my promise to to you will be broken and I am not obliged to fulfill it anymore. you have two weeks to tell me the truth. my patience has run out. as you know there are witnesses to this promise by you and me, I do not make up things from my head.

Nazir ahmad kazak


on 08/08/2018 sent hani’s emai and wrote: sheikh marouf saber from Algeria left ahmadiyya. he mentioned some reasons but mainly he said that the pm said in his book   القول الصريح في ظهور المهدي والمسيح، that since the hp-pbuh claimed his prophethood for 23 years; then, it has become the standard for any claimant to not have less than that, but the sheikh said that the pm started taking baiaat in 1889; consequently, that is only 19 years. the real clear claim from the pm came in 1901 which is only seven years.

 brother hani added the following:

al-mirza denied his prophethood in 1892, when he said in a debate with Sheikh Abdul Hakim:

“Wherever you find the word of prophethood, write in its place the word muhaddith”
we cannot consider the beginning of the proclamation of prophethood before this date .. If we assume that he began to declare prophethood the next day from that date, it means that he lived 16 years claiming. It is impossible to be more than that.


on 08/08/2018 sent hani’s emai and wrote: ahmadi official writes about numbers:

he wrote that many sites on the net like wikipedia say ahmadiyya is the fastest growing, and that the number of ahmadis in niger reached two million two years ago, but now it must be more because of birth at least. following is some of what hani wrote back to him: you wrote about the numbers of ahmadiyya and quoted the wikipedia, which said that the number of ahmadis in egypt reached 50 thousand, and you know that the number of ahmadis in egypt does not reach half a thousand .. meaning, the exaggeration is one hundred times. since the announcement of 647 thousand and i am looking for one ahmadi who mentions that he knew new ahmadis this year more than the ones who left .. I asked ahmadis in nigeria, ghana, uganda, pakistan and arab countries, we did not find anyone claiming it. what prevents this official from addressing this question to the center of ahmadiyah to give him the real numbers?

on 08/08/2018 received email from momin taher sahib and responded as follows:

brother momin sahib, assalamu alaykum,

you are saying that the responses you sent included new answers, that is true, but it was !0% only. you are asking me to read them, I already read them long time ago when they were written under the name of the writer and the date (mainly dr. ayman and Tamim abu daqqa and a man from kababeer). after that you decided to put it under one category, you removed the names and the dates. I am aware of all these responses which do not constitute more than 10% also of hani’s accusations.

I wonder why this issue is not a priority to any of you. I also wonder why it needs so much time to respond if hani is telling you the name of the source, the date, the chapter, the page …….. what else do you want?

you do not even need to ask rabwah, all you have to do is open the same source hani opened and tell your interpretation since he is not creating a text from his head, he is just telling you what the pm or the khalifas have exactly said. there should be no secrets in that. furthermore, I have been hearing about this comprehensive response for a very long time. if I do not hear official responses from rabwah, or virtual dar-ifta or the Arabic desk within the next ten days; then, it means you and the khalifa did not fulfill the promise you gave me; consequently, mine is broken too. you ignored hani for too long and you ignored me for much longer than him and now you are waiting for rabwah and

translation. you have the resources hani has !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nazir ahmad kazak


0n 10/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote:

following is the translation of the main points in hani’s email (it does not need rabwah’s response, it is clear). following are distortions by jamaat ahmadiyyah to sentences and words said and written by the pm.

deletion of the text of atonement from the English book of al-tadhkirah


لقد كشف الله عليّ أن كلّ من بلغتْه دعوتي ولم يصدّقني فليس بمسلم، وهو مؤاخَذ عند الله تعالى”. (التذكرة العربية، ص 662)

it saiys : anyone who received my claim and did not believe in me is not a muslim. in the Arabic version of al-tadhkirah they wrote it as:

لقد كشف الله عليّ أن كلّ من بلغتْه دعوتي ولم يصدّقني فهو عرضة للمؤاخذة عند الله تعالى، وإنْ كان من المسلمين”. (الطبعة العربية الأولى للتذكرة، عام 2013)
instead of “not a muslim” they wrote “would be vulnerable to consequences from god almighty“.

the deletion of the whole text when pm told mir naser that he has cholera.

“مير صاحب، لقد أُصِبْتُ بوباء الكوليرا”. وبعد ذلك لا أظنّ أنه نطق بأية كلمة واضحة، وظل هكذا حتى مات بعد الساعة العاشرة من صباح اليوم التالي. (حياة ناصر، ص 14)

deleting the whole accusation of al-mirza to the wife of his cousin as a whore.


رأيتُ في صباح يوم الاثنين أن زوجة إمام الدين العاهرة قد وقَعَتْ. (التذكرة، الطبعة الثالثة بالأردو، بتاريخ 15 يناير 1906، نقلا عن دفتر إلهامات الميرزا ص 62)

the ahmadis deleted this shameful talk in the 4th edition and beyond, because the granddaughter of this “whore” became the wife of the 4th khalifa.

the 2nd khlifa said that the pm said: whoever does not participate in the WASIYYAH is a hypocrite.

” من لم يشترك في نظام الوصية فهو منافق.” (منهاج الطالبين، أنوار العلوم 9، 166) 

the translator put it this way:


من لا يشترك في نظام الوصية ففيه نفاق”.(منهاج الطالبين ص 25)

whoever does not participate in the WASIYYAH  has hypocrisy.

(the above means that ahmadis who do not spend 10% of their monthly salary are hypocrites).

as for the distortions, the word “قتالي” “combat” is written behind the words of the abortion of jihad, so there is nothing wrong with it, and the addition of the word “مستقلة” “independent” sometimes to the prophethood that mirza denies himself.


on 13/08/2018 sent email from poet abduljalil alabbasi and I wrote: attached is the email shown below from the poet abduljalil alabbasi in which he shows the lines taken by the pm from the poet tarfa bin alabdi.

on 13/08/2018  sent email from hani and I wrote: shown below by brother hani the unnecessary usage of the letter  ف  in Arabic and he referenced 20 sentences in different books of the pm.

on 15/08/2018 received email from hani, sent it to Arabic desk with the following comment:

what is going on , whole sentences taken by the pm from the poets alhariri and alhamazani, word by word and put into pm’s books   (حمامة البشرى، ص 142)  and   (الاستفتاء، ص 91-92).


on 16/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote:

shown below all of hani’s email, but I shall translate only these excerpts said and written by the pm which totally and completely contradict what the 2nd khalifa wrote in his tafseer of quran and not a single Ahmadi believes what the pm believed about this issue.

إن هذه الأعمال المتعلقة بعمل التِّرب (التنويم المغناطيسي) التي قام بها المسيح كانت بناء على مقتضى الحال في ذلك الزمن لحكمة معينة
(إزالة الأوهام، ص 262)

these works concerning the work of hypnosis by jesus were based on the case at that time of a certain wisdom (إزالة الأوهام، ص 262)

المسيح عليه السلام لم يمارس هذا العمل المادي إلا بإذن من الله وأمْرِه نظرا إلى الأفكار المادية والسُّفْلية التي كانت مترسخة في طبائع اليهود، وإلا ما كان المسيح ليحب هذا العمل. (إزالة الأوهام، ص 262)

jesus did not practice this material work (hypnosis) except with the permission of god and ordered him in view of the material and lower ideas that were rooted in the nature of the Jews, otherwise jesus would not love this work (إزالة الأوهام، ص 262)

لذلك فإن المسيح عليه السلام، وإنْ كان يُبرئ الأمراض الجسدية بواسطة هذا العمل، ولكنّ مستوى عمله فيما يتعلق بترسيخ الهداية والتوحيد والاستقامة الدينية في القلوب بصورة كاملة كان منخفضاً لدرجة كانت قريبة من الفشل”. (إزالة الأوهام، ص 263)

therefore, jesus, peace be upon him, although he cures and absolves physical diseases by this work (hypnosis), but his level of work with regard to the consolidation of the guidance, unification and religious rectitude in the hearts in full was so low that it was close to failure (إزالة الأوهام، ص 263)

إن الاعتقاد بأن المسيح كان يخلق من الطين طيوراً وينفخ فيها ويجعلها طيوراً حقيقية، إنما هو اعتقاد خاطئ تماماً وفاسد ومبني على الشرك. بل الحق أنه كان مِن عمل التِّرب فقط،
(إزالة الأوهام، ص 266)

the belief that jesus was creating birds from mud and inflating them and making them real birds is a totally false and corrupt belief based on polytheism. but it is true that it was only the work of hypnosis (إزالة الأوهام، ص 266).

on 17/08/2018  sent hani’s email with the following comment: further telepathic verses between MGA and the arab poet al-hariri  , the telepathy was so strong which made the poetic verses almost identical. so far, there are hundreds and hundreds of  poetic verses common between MGA and at least five arab poets.    

on 18/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote the following:

further evidence on top of the hundreds of verses written by MGA which were found within the verses of at least 5 arab poets. in the email shown below from brother hani there are three sentences by al-hariri, in the first sentence alhariri wrote 16 words, out of the 16 MGA used 14 words in his sentence, which is 87.5%. on the second sentence of al-hariri there were 18 words, MGA used 14 words in his second sentence, which is 77.8%. in the third sentence of alhariri there are 19 words, out of which MGA used 11 words, 57.9%. the point is that in each case there is more than 50% common words between alhariri and MGA. this was also a pattern in the hundreds of other sentences or verses between MGA and the 5 arab poets. it is obvious to me now that MGA who was knowledgeable in the Arabic language read the poetry and introductions of these arab poets and he was impressed by their sophistication in laying down such high quality of poetry;

consequently, it affected his poetry, meaning he used the same words they used too. it does not

need a rocket scientist to figure it out, it is clear as the light of the sun.


I think the khalifa and the associates around him, specifically the Arabic desk already know that and

they are unable to respond. I think this is the reason the khalifa keeps asking the members to respond to hani. when sister maha Dabbous while she was still with jamaat met with the khalifa and brought up my questions and inquiries to him, he told her that he will respond to me; as well, he told her that he will send me the books and articles that hani is using which are not available to me so I can respond. I still have the email from sister maha. three months ago, the khalifa sent me a letter through brother momin taher sahib in which he answered the questions I submitted to him through momin sahib and again he told me that I should respond to hani because I am a knowledgeable person (these are his words). the point I am trying to make that I have been asking and begging jamaat for a long time about several questions and issues even when brother hani was still with jamaat but they never responded. now, all of a sudden they are responding by asking me and others to respond to hani instead of them putting out the official responses, which they have done to 10% only and they stopped because the points that have been raised are overwhelming. ahmadis are asking the leaders to assume their leadership responsibilities in these situations, instead, they are running away from it and asking the members to do their job. it is 6:05 a.m. now, I am tired and frustrated, I have to go to bed.

on 18/08/2018  sent hani’s email with the following comment:

more common words and phrases between the arab poet al-hariri and MGA.

from 3.5 lines by alhariri, MGA used 27 words or combination of words.

in the next 3 lines by al-hariri, MGA used again 27 words or combination of words.

to the ahmadis who keep saying that MGA did not read these sentences or verses by alhariri or the other arab poets, I ask them, how did you know that? how can you say after submitting HUNDREDS of common words and sentences that MGA did not

know about these words/sentences/verses? the only thing I can think of, that you are

either idiots or mentally retarded or straight liars. that is the art of coverup some

members of jamaat have been conducting since a very long time on many other issues.

on 20/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote following comment:

strong communication between MGA and alhariri.

the first sentence by alhariri  has 25 words of which 23 words used by MGA.

the second sentence by alhariri  has 18 words of which 15 words used by MGA.

the third sentence by alhariri  has 19 words of which 11 words used by MGA.

still, some ahmadis say MGA did not read these sentences of alhariri. hypocrites.

on 20/08/2018 sent hani’s email and wrote following comment:

four more sentences used by alhariri ; as well, by MGA, even though some Ahmadi idiots

who ask me not to write to them still think that MGA created these sentences on his own without reading it from alhariri. god did not just teach MGA  Arabic in one night, but also gave him the power to read alhariri’s mind without reading his texts. what a miracle.


nazir ahmad kazak



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